Seven tips for families to travel without any hassle

Traveling with family can be the most wonderful thing in the world. You can spend quality time experiencing new things and making memories, but it can also be a hassle if you do not prepare ahead of time. One of the reasons that traveling as a family can be so stressful is because it does not just involve packing for yourself, but the whole family. Of course, with kids and teenagers, things need to be especially planned out because what you consider to be appropriate travel clothing and items might be inappropriate to them. Therefore, to make vacations easier and more enjoyable, here are some tips that should help you out.

  1. Do your homework before you make a reservation

Many people plan their trips at the last moment and end up getting a raw deal. This is because hotels usually increase their rates when there is high demand. You need to plan your trip well in advance to have time on your hands and find the perfect hotel.

If you also have a pet alongside you, it might be difficult to get a hotel during your trip. It is because hardly any of the hotels provide accommodation for pets. So, before you take your pet with you, make sure that you have a place to stay. However, if you plan your trip in locations like Tenessee, you might easily find some pet-friendly cabins. For instance, pet friendly cabins in pigeon forge allow pets and are popular with pet owners and renters.

  1. Pack your bags ahead of time

Packing for a trip can be stressful. If you are like most people, you probably have a packing list, but you often forget to include important items or end up bringing extras. To make sure you are prepared for your next trip, write all of the essentials down at least one week before your trip to avoid forgetting anything. Make sure to double-check that everything is packed, and you have enough of each item.

  1. Keep snacks on hand for kids

A three-hour road trip can seem like an eternity to kids. They typically have a limited attention span and get bored easily, especially when stuck in the car. But you can still make the most of your road trip by packing plenty of snacks for your kids. Snacks are not only important to keep your child’s energy up, but they also help distract them as you are driving.  If you do not bring any food along, they will start whining and complaining while you are on the road. So, make sure you carry some snacks while traveling. The best tip is to pack snacks that require them to use their hands; for example, apples, bananas, oranges instead of applesauce, or fruit cups. This will help them stay occupied longer than if they were eating something with a spoon or straw.

  1. Take some comforts from home with you

Traveling with friends and family is fun, but being jammed up in a car for hours on end can be uncomfortable. Sitting too long in one position can even cause discomfort and pain in the back and legs. One of the ways to stay comfortable during the ride is to pack a pillow so that you can rest your head when you nod off. If there is room, consider throwing in a blanket or two to keep warm during cool weather or as a cover-up during warmer days. A little relaxation can go a long way to keeping you comfortable during long travels.

  1. Get enough sleep the night before your trip

The evening before a big trip can be stressful, so you will probably be tempted to stay up late and pack or finalize any last-minute details. But you will regret it when your alarm goes off at 4 a.m. Instead, go to bed early so you can wake up energized and ready for anything. If possible, take a day off before your departure to avoid the stress of balancing travel preparations with deadlines. This will give you ample time to get everything done and relax, too. Plus, if your trip is scheduled for early in the morning, you will want as much rest as possible, so you are not groggy during your travels.

  1. Learn local emergency numbers before you leave

When traveling, it is important to know the emergency numbers of the place you are visiting. You never know what can happen when you are out on vacation, so it is better to be prepared. Different countries and states have different emergency numbers for various emergencies. It is important to know these numbers to avoid inconvenience and delays in getting help when needed. If you have any friends or relatives living near your travel destination, make sure you have their phone number to help you out if anything goes wrong.

  1. Keep enough prescriptions to last your time away

It is always a best practice to pack your medication in quantities that will last for the duration of your trip, plus an extra week for unexpected delays. If you have a prescription, make sure you bring your written prescription from your doctor. If you do not, get a letter from your doctor explaining why you need the medication and how much you take every day. Make sure to carry a current list of all medications and dosages with you, including over-the-counter medicines and herbal supplements.

Remember that some common medications could be difficult to find in other places or require a prescription. If you think this will be the case on your trip, ask your doctor ahead of time if they can prescribe these items.


Planning a trip with the family can be stressful. You have to consider not just the things that you want to do, but also how your family will react to these trips. If you want to spend more time on vacation and less time stressing about how you will manage with family, it is time to start planning ahead of your trip. Use the tips above to plan a smooth journey with the least hassle and maximum enjoyment.

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