Finally, the coziest season of the year is here, and you cannot wait to layer up! As tempting as it might sound, you still need a few weeks to prepare for this season. So why not get started with it and keep yourself warm by wearing the per layers?

For men, understanding how to layer up for winters is still a work-in-progress. They think wearing tons of layers is the right way to dress for winters, but that’s not the case. For them, fashion and winters do not usually go together, which is yet another misconception. After all, who says you can not look stylish and feel warm at the same time? Winter is the best season to be creative with your apparel.

Of course, you can’t just neglect the cold. There are certain factors you need to consider when you’re dressing up for the frosty weather. You may need to protect yourself from becoming an ice lolly while simultaneously keeping your fashion game strong. Since winters also call for skiing, hiking, and having fun in the snow, upgrade your winter wardrobe accordingly.

It is common knowledge that you’ll be layering up a lot as the temperature drops, but simply putting on an extra layer does not check all the boxes. You need to put some thought into the process, and eventually, these layers will make you a showstopper. After all, who doesn’t want to achieve a flawless winter look?

There is no rulebook for winter fashion, and trends keep on changing, but some standard layering to-dos don’t change, so here’s a guide that you can follow. Check it out before you start surfing online or begin visiting some outlets.

Start By Owning A Few Premium Quality Pieces

For most men, a winter wardrobe comprises some high-quality winter wear, thus owning a few good pieces of warm clothes is more than enough for them. They either invest in branded winter wear such as Kelvin heated coats for men or buy multipurpose jackets. Bearing this theory in mind, you can quickly achieve ‘THE look’ in winters without compromising on keeping yourself warm. No doubt winter clothes are expensive, but the beauty of your winter wardrobe is that you can improvise. For instance, you can pair a single jacket with different t-shirts, vests, sweaters, denim jeans, etc. Hence, you can do your bank account a huge favor by purchasing a few key pieces, such as a leather jacket and an overcoat.

Time to Know Your Layers 

Yes, layers have categories too, and the ones who layer up properly know that. While dressing up for winters, know that your layers can have three parts: base, middle, and top layers.

The base layer comprises your basics, such as t-shirts, undershirts, and formal shirts. Over it, you have the middle layer, which includes sweaters, vests, cardigans, and denim jackets – you don’t have to wear all three, so don’t worry. The third layer is the top-most layer, where you complete the look with a warm woolen/fleece coat or a leather jacket, perhaps.

How you wear those layers depend on the weather outside. In colder temperatures, you need all three layers to stay warm unless you’ve got the fur of a polar bear. If it gets warmer, you can shed the top layer.

It is unwise to wear the warmest fabric first for someone who constantly has to switch places between indoors and outdoors. You’ll probably need to take off the coziest layer when you’re inside, or else you’ll start feeling suffocated.  The sooner you know how to layer up appropriately, the better your outfit will look, and you’ll feel more comfortable in the cold weather.

Do not forget to Match Those Layers

Getting those layers right also includes matching them, so they complement each other. Wearing a random layer of clothes is alright as long as you stay home. However, when you have different activities planned for the day, try not to look like a complete disaster. Mismatched layers will give a wrong impression as if you aren’t aware of how to dress up appropriately.

Matching all those layers will give you an edge, making you feel cozy at the same time. Also, keep in mind to mix and match the layers according to the occasion. If you need to dress up formally, like when you’re going to work, wear formal shirts and pants with a vest inside and a topcoat. For a casual event, like going for a grocery run, wear a light sweater with jeans and a hoodie. You can always keep a warm coat or jacket in your car in case the temperature decides to drop too low.

Invest In the Best Winter Fabrics

Lastly, choose some of the best fabrics to stay warm and cozy in winters. Here are a bunch of winter-friendly materials:

  • Denim is the most classic piece of fabric that never goes out of style and comes super handy in winter because of its versatile nature.
  • Cotton –the most breathable and soft fabric that traps heat inside.
  • Wool – it’s the best fabric for top or middle layers. It is also the warmest and thickest fabric to wear in winters.
  • Leather –a sturdy piece of fabric, which remains in fashion during winters. A classy leather jacket makes up for an ideal top layer and protects you from the frosty weather.

The Bottom Line:

Now you know the tricks to dress right for winters. As mentioned earlier, layering up ‘right’ is not a complicated process. You need to connect the right dots (in this case, layers) and achieve a chic winter look. Also, whoever says men cannot carry fashion and comfort together, show them they are wrong and don’t let the cold stop you from looking HOT!

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