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Learn how to maintain your leather boxing glove like a pro in easy steps!

Having a pair of leather boxing glove has several benefits. You protect the opponent as well as in the competitive session. You provide maximum protection from hurt and injury during sparring and training sessions and invest your money in high-quality material.

The boxing glove helps you to play the sport appropriately and also ensures your safety and well being. Experts believe that it is your responsibility to invest your money in high-quality boxing gloves. With a little effort and time, you can ensure that the leather boxing gloves stay long. Thankfully, a few strategies can help you in this regard.

  • Clean the exteriors

The step is fundamental when you are involved in a sparring session. Whether it is a competitive bout or a sparring session, cleaning the exterior is necessary. There are chances that the gloves may have had contact with the competitor’s body part and thus get exposure to their possible blood and sweat. It is vital to clean the exterior with the help of a soft cloth and probably damp one.

  • Clean the gloves after boxing and sparring

It would help if you used general cleaning solutions available in the market with normal water and mild soap. Also, dip the clean clothes in the soap solution and slowly clean the exterior of the boxing glove in a circular motion. Remember that there should not be any moisture on the boxing glove after you rub it. It would help if you wiped it dry.

It is always better to use water only for this step because that does not have any aggressive impact on the material. You may use a gentle soap solution, which is effective but try to remove impurities with minimum pressure. If the boxing glove is heavily stained, consider utilizing disinfecting wipe and not a mild soap solution. You may use any alcohol-based solution to help clean your boxing gloves from dirt and damage.

  • Clean the interiors

From the exterior, now you need to come to the interior. It is also one of the most fundamental steps that are overlooked. You can turn the boxing gloves inside out and replicate the cleaning procedure mentioned above. The glove’s interior is expose to your sweat, and thus you need to clean it regularly. The cleaning procedure helps you kill bacteria and dry the glove’s interior.

However, Effective interior cleaning is fundamental to keeping the gloves running for an extended period. Moreover, it will minimize the bubbling of the gloves. When harmful impurities get an inlet into the padding, they break down the interior structure, which works as you protect it.

Try to analyze the condition of the boxing glove and store the boxing glove appropriately. To minimize the risk of unwanted smell and mildew, you must consider keeping it in a dry place. By disinfecting the interior and taking care of the exterior, you not only remove moisture, but also you take care of the overall quality. Follow these simple steps to get the desired results.

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