Learning Volleyball Attack Skills: Volleyball Attack Trainer Machine

Learning how to serve and spike requires the use of equipment to help master the techniques and practice for perfection. A volleyball attack trainer also a spike trainer is used to hold the ball in position and at a raised level for a player to train by serving or spiking the ball repeatedly in the same replicates to help master the drill.

Attack trainers are usually light in weight, are durable, and are economical. Spiking and serving are very critical and important skills required by most volleyball players. Spiking involves slamming the ball downwards at a speed such that it hits the ground hard. Serving on the other hand involves hitting the ball in an upward direction towards the opponent’s side. These skills are essential in a volleyball game since most spikes are usually hard to block and are a way of scoring and accumulating points fast during a game while the way a ball is served determines how the game is likely to progress.

Volleyball attack training machines help players to master the following skills.

  • Spiking with accuracy and power
  • Automatic hitting as a method of training individually.
  • Improving timing and footwork
  • Perfecting your skill level at all ages.
  • Learn serve-receive drills.

Features of a volleyball attack trainer

A volleyball attack machine is preferred by most players since it is versatile and can be used in various locations including the home yard. A player can practice even at their homes. Additionally, the attack trainer is easy and simple to set up before use. It is also meant to train different levels of players using the same equipment. The equipment may sometimes contain a ball holder such that a player does not have to position the ball after every hit hence ensures consistency when trying to perfect a skill. When the player does not have to run for the ball on every hit, it saves more time and ensures efficiency when using this tool. The trainer’s goal is also adjustable to a favorable height after loading the balls. The trainer can be adjusted between the height of 7.5 feet to 10.5 feet suitable for any age group in the team. The base of a trainer is made up of a plastic stable base and can stand on sand or water. Some have wheels at the base of the trainer making them easy to move to the location of use or storage.

When it comes to volleyball techniques, spiking and serving some of the hardest skills to perfect. For a player to have a successful spike they should know how to approach the ball correctly, know how to focus, and know where the defenses are positioned. Spiking involves several motions as the gamer jumps to hit the ball. This is why a trainer is needed to hold the ball in a static position enabling the player to concentrate on a fundamental skill. The focus of the player should be maintained on timing themselves to jump whenever they are ready and slam the ball in the right way. Serving equally needs repeated attempts in the same way and position to be able to control the ball while serving. The trainer also provides the player with the opportunity of learning how the ball is received. The speed can be adjusted as the player gains more experience in receiving the ball.

A volleyball attack trainer is therefore useful in improving players’ learning curve on how to hit the ball, serving the ball, and receiving the ball, therefore, allowing them to focus on getting the hitting, receiving, and serving techniques right. Most players have seen progress training using the attack trainer. Teams also have tremendous improvements when coached using the trainer equipment. Practice and consistency are very vital when it comes to being a good volleyball player. The attack equipment can repeat similar shots with varying velocities over and over hence helping the player to master specific skills and perfect skills they have challenges in. the drills are much easier to master when done continuously making the training session efficient.


Learning attack skills can be challenging since some tricks and techniques can be new to the players making it hard for them to handle. A volleyball attack machine helps players master different skills by allowing them to have repeated practicing drills. The machine is very simple, easy to use, and efficient especially for personal practice and team practice. Attacking techniques are important in a volleyball game and players need to practice to avoid allowing the opponent to have an effective offense.

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