Dr. Ali AlSaqoby

Less Common Facts About the Star Dentist: Dr. Ali AlSaqoby

There is no doubt that, it is great to see the healthcare professionals receive the recognition and admiration they deserve. Particularly at a young age! a prime example is one of the most popular and successful dentists: Dr. Ali AlSaqoby . His unique lifestyle, charisma and style he  displays had accumulated, significant popularity to this young man. Dr. Ali is a very interesting individual whose name is prominent in many fields such as football freestyle, entrepreneurship and more so now in Dentistry! With that significant fame and success many facts about Dr. Ali are shared through countless and prominent articles both online and on newspapers headlines.

Below are some of facts that our team managed to collect about this talented dentist that can be considered less commonly talked about!

Prefers living a private life

Dr. Ali AlSaqoby is among the rarity of famous people that do not like revealing details directly about their personal life. We are yet to see him reveal any of details, such as how many siblings, how many houses does he have, his marital status, his net worth and so on. Nor this information is present in the number of articles present online! As they say a private life is a happy life!

Had passion for dentistry since a young age

On a rare interview, translated from Arabic he said “I always loved dentistry since I was young, I knew when I grew up, I will become a dentist and my mission, is to get people to be more acceptance to dentistry”. There is no doubt that he reached this goal and beyond! As today he is one of the most sought-after dentists in the middle east with his unique approach and knowledge.

Graduated from Leeds

Many online sources mentioned that Dr. Ali is a masters of dental surgery holder, yet very few mentioned that he graduated from Leeds with excellence along having the second most talented dental student award.

Was a well-known youtuber

That is a very rare one! In 2017 YouTube statistics showed that his new channel was one of the top in the region, exceeding the 100k subscriber limit. However, this new YouTube channel created in 2017 is no longer available for no disclosed reason, and the only YouTube channel currently available is seemingly his old one!

Speaks many languages

I am sure everyone knows that he speaks English as a previous scholarship student, studying in Leeds dental school, and Arabic as per his origin. But let’s be honest how many we know he speaks French? Our team spotted an interview in which he spoke in French language! That makes him a trilingual or could be even more!

This concludes some of the less known facts of this phenomenal dentist from Kuwait, his success at a young age is staggering and shows that with hard work and passion, one can achieve everything in life! With that all, while being on top he still aspires to inspire and, motivate people to climb the tree of success through his educational and inspiring content!

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