We all must have heard the name Neurontin when it comes to medications prescribed for the treatment of neuropathic pain as well as partial seizures. Neurontin is nothing but a brand name of the drug Gabapentin and generic equivalents are also offered such as Gabapin.

Despite the effectiveness of this drug, many people are still confused regarding the reliability as well as forms of this drug, so this post aims to clarify some of the finer points of Gabapentin, its uses, and the forms in which it is available for the treatment of various different conditions.

The Forms of Gabapentin Drug:

This pain-relieving drug is available in three different forms or types:

1 Instant-Release Oral Pill

2 Extended-Release Oral Pill

3 Oral Solution

The right form or type of Gabapentin for you is determined by your doctor after a detailed consideration of your symptoms, your medical history, and your current health.

The Most Common Conditions for Which Gabapentin Drug is prescribed:

Gabapentin Oral Tablets or Capsules:

Postherpetic Neuralgia:

Dosages of Gabapentin such as Gabapin are prescribed for getting relief from pain that is caused by nerve damage that springs from a painful rash, affecting adults known as shingles.

Diabetic neuropathy:

Diabetes is a condition that causes nerve damage, especially in its advanced stage, and gabapentin is prescribed as a medication to deal with the pain, in combination with other drugs.

Focal Seizures:

This drug is prescribed for both adults and children for the treatment of seizures, especially focal or partial seizures.

Prevention of Migraine:

Though it is not an on-label use, many doctors prescribed Gabapin 300 mg for relieving as well as preventing migraine headaches in adults.

Gabapentin Oral Solution:

The drug Gabapentin is used in its liquid form for the treatment of chronic pain associated with various chronic conditions, bipolar disorder, and even social phobia.

What Makes Gabapentin Drug a Reliable & Effective Prescription Against Neuropathic Pain and Seizures?

The exact working mechanism of the drug Gabapentin has not yet been established but as it belongs to the family of anticonvulsants drugs, it is inferred that the drug helps in increasing levels of calcium which aids the treatment of seizures.

The drug also helps in dealing with neuropathic pain associated with various conditions as it helps in reducing the sensitivity to pain thereby offering pain relief.

What Side-effects Should One Be Aware of Before Making Use of Gabapentin Drug for any Treatment?

Before you begin using the Gabapentin drug for your treatment, your doctor will inform you regarding the dosages, frequency as well as side-effects of the drug.

Dizziness and drowsiness are among the most common side-effect of the drug due to which it is recommended that you should not handle machines or drive when you take this medication.

Each drug can cause a different reaction in different people so when it comes to side effects, it is best to discuss the possibility of the ones that are most likely to affect you based on your past medical records.

Warnings to Be Associated With the Use of Gabapentin for Nerve Pain and Seizure: 

As this medication has known to cause drowsiness, many people have observed that people experience slow movements as well as a slow thought process, and slower reflexes.

It is best to avoid activities that require serious concentration and quick reflexes. So if you are going to use Gabapentin 100 mg then do not work with any chemicals, or substances that may interact with each other. Avoid driving, handling babies, or operating complex and heavy machines. This is to prevent any mishap or accident that may occur if you get too drowsy under the effects of the drug Gabapentin.

Depression and Gabapentin:

In some rare cases, people who make use of Gabapentin 400 mg report that it causes depression as a side-effect, and in even rarer cases, it leads to thoughts of self-harm. If you have a history of depression, it is best to inform your doctor before you start making use of this medication. Even when you are using the medication, and you begin to notice signs of depression then let your doctor know immediately.

Interactions with Other Medications:

Gabapentin is a drug, just like any other drug, it interacts with certain kinds of drugs in a negative way, which enhances the effectiveness of certain drugs.

Because of the fact that Gabapentin is often used as one of the drugs in combination treatment, having a clear idea about the interaction between them ensures that your health is safe.

Ideally, your doctor is aware of all the possible interactions between all the prescribed and non-prescribed medications that you use. But if you want more information regarding the possible interacts between Gabapentin and all your other medications.

Alcohol and Gabapentin:

No matter how warm Alcohol may make you feel in the beginning, but it works as a sedative and makes you feel drowsy, and makes your reflexes poorer, which are also the side-effects of Gabapentin. Alcohol and Gabapentin do not do well, so people are discouraged from making use of alcoholic beverages when they take this drug for relieving pain.

Are there any Alternatives to the Gabapentin Drug for the Treatment of Seizures and Neuropathic Pain? 

If Gabapentin has been prescribed to you by your doctor, then it is best to continue using it instead of any other alternative drug unless you have an allergic reaction to the drug or your current health does not allow you to take this drug for the treatment of neuropathic pain and seizures.

In such cases, it is best to discuss your alternatives with your doctor because your doctor will help you with options after analysing the specific needs of your body so that the alternatives may be as useful as Gabapentin in your treatment without harming your health in any way.

If you are suffering some severe kidney diseases, pregnant or breastfeeding then Gabapentin is not recommended, but your doctor will help you find other pain-relieving alternatives that are safe for you as well as your child. Visit: allDayawake.com

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