List of Countries That Offer Golden Visas

List of Countries That Offer Golden Visas

Golden Visas are a type of visa that is offered to individuals with the goal of generating investment into the country. These visas offer a number of benefits such as property ownership, residency permits, and indefinite work visas. This article will talk about the countries that issue these awesome visas.

What Is A Golden Visa?

A golden visa is a type of residence permit for high-net-worth investors in the European Union (EU) that allows them to live and work anywhere within the EU. Portugal Golden Visa property route is a perfect example of this type of visa. These visas provide an opportunity for immigration, but it also provides a pathway to citizenship. The program was created by legislation enacted on April 12th 2013, as part of countries’ efforts at economic recovery following the financial crisis of 2008.

The first golden visa country is Portugal which launched its Golden Residence Permit (PRV) program in March 2014 that provides foreigners access to permanent residency after they make investments ranging from €500K – €800K into Portuguese property or business projects over three years.

Countries That Offer Golden Visas

A number of countries offer a great golden visa program. For example, the golden visa program in Portugal is one of the most attractive and popular in Europe because a portugal golden visa 2021 offers a fast-track, hassle-free option for immigrating to Portugal. It allows anyone who invests €500,000 into real estate (or a business) to apply for residency within 90 days after investment.

The Greek Golden Visa application procedure is rather simple as long as the minimal entry requirements are met, visit site for more information.

The Portuguese national must have lived abroad for at least five years before applying, which makes it an excellent option if you’ve already been living abroad because moving can be difficult for kids or grown-ups with jobs. You are not required to live in Portugal but you are allowed to do so without any additional travel visa requirements; residents enjoy all Portuguese citizens’ rights including free healthcare and education plus access to EU citizenship programs like Schengen visas that allow people from other countries inside Portugal’s borders without needing other travel visas.

Spanish golden visa is offered by Spain to buy a really residence.

The list of other countries that offer Golden Visas include:

  • Canada offers permanent residence visas for up to $800,000 investment in the Canada Immigrant Investor Program which is available only through invitations from Canadian province governments. As an investor, you’re eligible for this program if you have a net worth of at least $12 million CAD or invest no less than $800,000 into government-approved projects creating jobs within Canada.
  • The Czech Republic offer golden visas to those willing to invest €250k in property or business on top of creating five new jobs by spending that money locally with each job paying at least three times more than the minimum wage
  • Belgium offers citizenship to any foreigner with €125,000 invested or who creates at least 25 jobs.
  • Ireland through its Investor Residence Program requires an investment of at least 350k euros into Irish Government Bonds or other qualifying instruments; comes with automatic free education for any family members under 18 years old until secondary level plus access to employment and social benefits without needing a work permit.
  • Germany has several options available for free (or low cost) residence permits to qualified foreign investors in Germany.
  • Cyprus offers residency and work permits on investments over €250k.
  • Malta offers residency and work permits on investments over €250k.
  • Montenegro offers residency for investors who invest more than €500,000 in the country’s real estate sector or if they start a business there.
  • Croatia may offer citizenship to those with an income of at least about $75,000 per year as well as investment interests worth US$150,000.
  • UAE allows foreign investors to apply for permanent residency if they invest either $300,000 or $600,000 in the country’s real estate market; these funds can be combined with other financial assets like stocks and bonds. The investor must maintain this level of ownership continuously for five years before applying for citizenship.
  • Armenia offers residency visas for an investment of at least €250,000 in local real estate.
  • Costa Rica’s Golden Residence Permit is granted to those who invest more than $100k locally or purchase property worth over $300k and live there full time for five years. They must also have a clean criminal record, speak Spanish fluently, and maintain their local residence during the initial period (time limit not specified). Costa Rican citizenship can be acquired after seven years of permanent residency with no language requirement; if they get married to a Costa Rican citizen within three months after receiving the permit then it will be shortened to two years.

The Benefits of Obtaining A Golden Visa

There are numerous benefits of obtaining a Golden Visa. Including:

  • Access to residency in another country without waiting for the established time period for it, which varies from one year or more. In some cases, such as in Portugal and Spain, even companies can apply for these visas and receive an entrepreneur visa instead of only individuals.
  • Access to other countries’ citizenship schemes by investing either €500k+ into a property that will be rented out on Airbnb or €250k if you establish your own company within their borders.
  • No obstacles when travelling internationally (such as needing a visa) due to having a residence permit card with nationality at the destination.
  • Lower taxes than what citizens have to pay depending on the country they’re applying in.
  • Access to better education for your children through international schools, and having the chance of looking for a job in another country.
  • Your company will be exempt from taxes on exports or imports depending on where you are operating internationally.

Qualifications For Obtaining A Golden Visa

The applicant must have a valid passport, and be from outside the country offering the golden visa.

The applicant cannot also be seeking asylum in that same country or applying for family reunification there as well. They are only eligible to apply if they plan on living abroad permanently.

If you receive citizenship via this program, your children may not become citizens of that country (but will still reside in it). You can sponsor them later though, so no worries!

If you are accepted into the golden visa program, you will have to pledge that for a certain amount of years (usually five or more) you won’t return to your home country. This is so they can continue attracting investment and new residents from around the world!

A Golden Visa is a residency permit where the main requirement to obtain one is that you invest in a country. Countries like Portugal, Spain, Greece and Cyprus all offer this type of visa for people who want an easy way to move there and work or retire without needing any other qualifications. The benefits of obtaining a golden visa vary by country but include lowering taxes or establishing residency with more favourable immigration laws than other countries offer.

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