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Binary trading- everything you need to know

Binary trading is one of the financial instruments where people have been investing for decades. But it became more convenient for people with the development of the internet. Presently, anyone can begin binary trading if they have sufficient perception and money, as a means to turning knowledge into income.

The term “binary trading” might be new for you and perhaps you heard it recently If you are a beginner and want to start trading binary options. You should keep in mind that in order to profit, you must study a lot, enhance your skills, understand techniques and essentially learn how to handle your money and sentiment.

However, there is no direct formula to learn binary trading, rather it needs lots of time, patience and devotion.  It becomes easier if you can master the basics.

What is binary trading?

Binary trading, also known as cash-or-nothing option, is a means of trade where forecasting the direction of the price’s movement is all you need to do. In a nutshell,  binary trading is a kind of trade that totally depends on two options or two outcomes. That means, here, you either earn money or lose your investment.

Remarkably, you can conduct lots of bets in a few minutes. In comparison to the conventional means of investing, you can make more money by binary trading in a short period of time.  Binary trading is also getting popular for its simplicity and transparency bit by bit.

How does binary trading work

Investing in binary options trading is like anticipating whether you will win or not. Here, you need to place a bet on the assets like stock, currency or goods. You need to anticipate the direction of the value. If you think it will rise then you buy or else you sell. Then, hit the “trade” button. If you win, you will receive a payout along with your capital. But if your trade isn’t successful, you will lose nothing else but the initial capital.  What if you want to quit the trade before it expires? In binary trading, you have the opportunity to close your position before the trade ends. You have to place another wager to exit the contract. This enables you to inhibit your losses and failures.

Making money with binary options trading?

First, you need to open an account to start binary trading. Then choose a trustworthy broker who will help you to carry out the trade. You can open a demo account with your broker to practice on that platform before trading with real money.

Learn the step by step guide to making money with  binary trading:

  • Choose a broker:

If you are a beginner, it is best to work with a broker who can help you to engage with the market. A trustworthy broker can help you to get the utmost returns. Scheming and cheating is a considerable problem in binary trading. A regulated broker can solve this problem largely.

  • Select the asset

Unlike forex trading, you can trade on a variety of assets in binary options trading. For instance, stocks, forex, cryptocurrency, commodities-oil, gold, silver etc. The list of assets is increasing day by day with the growth of demand.

  • Select expiry time:

The time when a trade is packed and finalized indicates expiry time. The expiry can vary from a year to 30 seconds.

Normally, expiries are sorted into 3 categories:

  1. Short Term – generally categorized as any expiry under 5 minutes.
  2. Normal – normal expiry reflects those trades that can range between 5 minutes to the day’s end.
  3. Long term – Long term expiry range from 1 day to 12 months.
  • Size of the trade

Think before deciding the trade amount as 100% of the investment is at risk. Remember, invest how much you can afford to lose. Never borrow money from others to invest in trading. This can lead you to bankruptcy.

  • Early Exit

You can consider taking an early exit if you are convinced that the price of your chosen trade is going down. Generally, an early exit option is offered by many brokers and you need to pay them a fee to close your trade.

  • Examine and confirm the trade

Do not miss the chance given by your broker to evaluate the details if they are accurate before finalizing the trade.

How safe is binary trading?

Probably, you are thinking if binary trading is safe? Well, the answer is yes. If you choose the right broker and the trade is restrained and legitimate, it is absolutely safe. Moreover, It has a maximum stable risk that allows you to know antecedently, how much you could lose if you don’t succeed in the trade. You don’t need to lose anything more than your primary capital.

Any financial trading is not free of risk. But if you consider the following aspects, binary trading can be a safe investment for you.

  1. It is a regulated financial instrument in many parts of the world.
  2. It’s process is easy to follow and straightforward.
  3. It has fixed risk chances and is mostly predictable.
  4. It provides high and fast returns
  5. Give you the opportunity to perform some demo trade before the real investment.
  6. It has transparency in deposit and withdrawal.


Binary trading is a financial instrument where every exchange turns into a straightforward yes or no question.  When the price goes higher, you can gain money but if it goes down you have to encounter the loss of your capital.

In the world of finance, binary trading is full of surprises and thrill. Still, trading binary options is not that simple. If you want to accomplish an appeasing outcome, you must spend ample time studying, learn teachings and gain the ability to invest carefully.

If you have adequate knowledge and trading plans, binary trading can be a great way of passive income for you. It can make you a millionaire overnight but can lose you a big amount of money in a twinkling as well. Your way of using strategies will determine if you will be successful or lose your money.

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