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Live slots online vs. Live Table Games

Ever since the first casino in the world was established in 17th century Venice, and most probably even before, humans have been obsessed with furthering the development of various gambling games and creating new ones too. In fact, this is the largest reason by far that the 21st century gambling industry is so advanced and successful – these people just don’t know when to stop innovating!

Obviously, the most famous example of this these days is the remarkable online slot industry, but you cannot just focus on this, because there are multiple new developments threatening to take the online gambling world by storm – try Midnight Racer slot.

Two of the most exciting things at the moment are live slots online and live table games, but which is the best? Well, that’s what we’re here to find out…

Live slots online: A new world of slot gambling

Pretty much everyone has got to have at least heard of online slots these days. In fact, online slots are now responsible for over 30% of all global gambling revenue annually, which means there are millions and millions of hopeful gamblers spinning those reels at the moment. Here’s something you may not have heard of before though… live slots online!

What are live slots online? Well, they are basically like normal online slots, however instead of spinning the reels yourself, the reels are spun by a live dealer. It is essentially like a game of live roulette, however instead of the roulette wheel you have a slot machine.

Live table games: Changing online casino for the better

Live table games well and truly came to the rescue of the online casino table game world, as quite a lot of gamblers were getting fed up of playing things like online blackjack or online roulette, as the experience was just too far removed from the brick and mortar casino experience. This all changed with live table games though, which make use of stellar modern technology.

With live table games the action is actually taking place in real life, and gamblers are simply sent a high speed live stream of this direct to their computer. It completely changes the game for casino games like roulette or blackjack, which are infinitely better when there are real life cards involved, not to mention a real life dealer!

Live slots online vs. Live Table Games: Key discussion points

That’s an overview of both live slots online and live table games out of the way, but which is the best? Here are a few key discussion points:

  • Bonus rounds and features: One of the main reasons why online slots became so popular at the expense of casino table games is their many different bonus features. It makes things a lot more fun, and they also give far more opportunities to win money!
  • Odds: Whilst live slots online have more bonus features, the odds of winning are typically lower than live table games like blackjack. It can be a difficult choice between these two things.

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