Logo Marketing 101: Where to Advertise Your Logo

Did you know that it takes about 5-7 times for a person seeing a brand to start remembering it?

One major part of increasing brand recognition is displaying your logo in a way that helps people remember you and acts as a marketing tool all on its own.

What’s the best way that you can take advantage of logo marketing? Read on to learn where to advertise your logo to reap the most considerable benefits!

Use Your Logo on Social Media

Using your logo on social media is one of the best ways to display small business logos without much effort.

If your logo is your profile photo on all online accounts, people will undoubtedly start to associate the logo with the name. When they see your posts on social media, they will know exactly who’s behind them without even seeing a business name.

Use Your Logo on Any Handouts

If you plan on handing out anything from a business card to a gift box to folios for your employees, make sure to add your logo!

One easy way to do this is by hot foil stamping. To learn more about this process and see what goes into engraving items, click here: https://universalengraving.com/product-pages/nw-dies-tooling/rotary/copperflex.

This tactic can be an excellent way to reward employees while also ensuring the company logo is prominent in the process.

Company Vehicles

If your company requires you or your employees to drive vehicles on the job, consider making the car a driving advertisement.

This logo advertising tactic makes so many people see the logo with minimal effort aside from the initial logo installation on the vehicle.

Countless people will be introduced to your brand by seeing it on your car, and people will slowly come to recognize your logo over time.

Tell the Story

Every logo has a story. Take advantage of this! What inspired you to go with this specific design? Are there any hidden elements that people might overlook at first glance?

If you have a company blog or active social media pages, tell the story behind the logo and how it came to be. This will give people a more personal connection with it, it might spark conversation, and at the very least, it will help people to understand your brand better.


Many places will display your logo if you donate to their cause or sponsor them in some way. For example, have you ever noticed the logos shown on little league t-shirts or in giant professional sporting arenas?

They’re there because the company intentionally decided to get it out there. You can do the same!

This not only gets your logo out in the world where fresh eyes can see it and learn about your company, but it also paints your business in a positive light because it shows that you support other businesses, charities, etc.

Smart Logo Marketing

Taking advantage of your logo and leveraging it for logo marketing is a wonderful way to increase brand recognition and see a domino effect on sales.

This article highlighted five simple ways to display your logo in an impactful way. Whether you choose to engrave it on items, display it proudly on social media, or anything in between, what matters most is getting it out there for all to see!

Everyone loves some good business tips now and again, so if you’re looking for more, please don’t hesitate to explore the business section of our site.

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