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Best Tips For Finding and Hiring The Best Developers

In the software industry, you will eventually have to collaborate with other expert developers such as those at Adeva; therefore, putting together a strong team and employing the most qualified candidates is an important skill to learn and master.

We believe that the difference between a product’s success and failure is determined by the quality of the team that works on it.

You may have interviewed a large number of candidates for various positions, but it was not successful. Because of that, we would like to share with you some of the strategies that help determine whether a candidate is a good fit for the team.

General skills and specific culture

Make a list of all the qualities the ideal candidate should have and those that should be required for the post to be filled.

There will never be a perfect candidate, but you can get quite close if you try hard enough.

To recruit an iOS developer, you need to know Objective C, storyboards, and multi-threading on the first call.

Your company’s culture should be clearly communicated during the recruitment process. It can be difficult to mix a hacker with an incredibly professional team if the teams don’t share a physical place (where people don’t have a direct relationship).

Get to discover your company’s culture by asking questions like, “What kind of professional environment do you prefer?”

Look for team players

Generally speaking, engineers are loners who prefer to work alone rather than in a group setting.

As long as they aren’t required to reply to requests promptly, they can get away with not attending the mandated weekly or daily Scrum meetings, which are held every day of the week.

It is critical for the project’s success that they maintain open lines of communication and a collaborative spirit with their colleagues who are further behind.

Knowing the market price

Many companies tend to believe that they can locate a highly talented staff at a low cost. This must be discouraged.

Engineers are in high demand, and the demand is only growing in the future. Engineers will be paid on an hourly basis based on their experience and qualifications.

You must be aware of the market rate, or you risk missing out on excellent possibilities by undervaluing talent or overpaying since the engineers themselves are aware that you are inexperienced.

When you hire someone, the cost of recruiting can be high because they are the best or because they know you are naive and take advantage of the situation. Make a budget and decide what kind of skill set you wish to acquire for the job.


It is necessary to know the standards that an engineer adheres to when programming to determine whether this will result in faults and errors.

Also, you should make sure that they are not causing problems for the subsequent developers that join the project; hence, ensuring that they update the code with constructive input could be essential.

To assure quality, establish standards that are uniform throughout all elements of your organization and ensure that they are followed.

Check their portfolio

Some engineers will be proud to provide you with links to their portfolio, but this may turn out to be a cause not to hire them in the long term.

Inquire about demos of their portfolio, and always double-check that the references are reliable to ensure that they were indeed involved with the project in question.

Meeting deadlines

Product deliverables and the iteration cycle are the driving forces behind software development, and they are both strongly related to deadlines in the industry.

Examine their response to questions on meeting deadlines – what happens when they fail to meet deadlines, and what steps are being taken to rectify the situation.

The worst fear is when an engineer pledges to be on time, only to discover that on the day of delivery, they haven’t even finished the presentation.

This will cause the entire staff to be delayed, and the organization as a whole will suffer as a result.

Check to see if the engineer is capable of meeting deadlines and communicating any delays to the rest of the team in advance of the deadlines being missed.

Rapid prototyping tests

Rapid prototyping is a feature that helps you to determine whether or not an engineer is proficient in a particular skill set; nonetheless, this is becoming more prevalent nowadays.

Examining the developer’s code and asking them to walk you through the process, and inquiring about a specific thing they do and why they should do it will help you determine whether or not they are a suitable fit for the job.

Don’t rush

Rushing will almost always result in making a poor decision. Processes such as a conference call, an in-person interview, a paired interview, and a quick prototyping test should be established.

The following methods will enable you to establish whether or not a candidate is actually qualified and some cultural elements for compatibility with your team and other critical considerations before hiring them.

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