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Finding the Right Lawn Care Company

Looking for professional services, whether it’s for the first time or not, might seem like a chore. While it may not beat lounging on the beach in a hammock, attending a concert, or going to the movies, it doesn’t have to be too stressful. Here are a few tips to help with your search.

Know what services you need before you start your search. Many people don’t realize that there are companies that handle both commercial and residential, just commercial, and some focus primarily on residential services. If you you’re in charge of building maintenance in a large business park, seek out companies that specialize in commercial landscaping services. If you are a homeowner, your best bet is to look for companies that cater to homeowners. Not only will they be better at servicing your projects and handling the maintenance, but they’ll also have a much better understanding of appropriate pricing and be able to knowledgeably answer your questions.

Should you start your search online? Search engines are a great way to compare the various companies that provide services in your area. You can start with searching for something like lawn care near me. Visit a few websites. Generally, the first page or two of your search will yield some of the prominent and established companies near you. Review at least a few of the sites. Some will offer a gallery and list of services offered. Once you are ready, start calling and asking for estimates. Be prepared to offer information that will help the person that answers the phone with understanding the scope of work they’ll be doing. Cheapest isn’t always the best, especially if you’re looking for a beautiful lawn, that said, good companies will be reasonably competitive with their pricing.

You don’t have to start online. If you know your neighbors, you can start asking them who does their yardwork. Coworkers can often be a great resource for good recommendations as well. The nice thing about asking around is you can judge by the work that’s been done at their homes (or businesses) to see if you like the quality. Make sure to tell the company that you were referred, sometimes there are incentives for the person that referred you (and sometimes for you too!).

Part of the process of finding the right company is knowing what you’re getting, what kind of schedule the maintenance will take place on, monthly costs, optional services, and more. Good lawn care companies will work hard to maintain their good clients (as long as the clients are reasonable too). With that being a priority, once you find a good company there should be a great relationship for years to come (assuming you don’t move away from the area).

Don’t be afraid to get started. More than likely you’ll find the process to be quite pain free and if your budget is reasonable, you should find what you’re looking for. Now go find your lawn care company, that yard isn’t going to groom itself!

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