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Why Lean Marketing Is The Future And How To Apply It?

With the goal of doing more with less, Lean Marketing is the next evolutionary step in modern marketing, and it represents a significant leap forward in inefficiency.

According to a b2b demand generation agency, it entails substantially decreasing time and costs, optimizing resource utilization, eliminating waste in all of its forms, concentrating on increasing the company’s ability to respond swiftly to market developments, and providing value for consumers at all times.

With this method, corporations are hoping to increase the efficiency with which they spend their money. As a result of the use of numerous techniques, the product development cycle is shortened, and it is easier to grasp what consumers really want. And that, without a doubt, is the yardstick for everything.

One of the numerous advantages of the lean startup strategy is that it allows the firm to change course quickly and make changes to plans on a minute-by-minute basis, which is quite beneficial.

Some elements determine the path a company will take:

  • management’s ability to change and adapt business strategy
  • revolutionize methods and processes
  • remain true to the company’s true north
  • company’s resilience and drive to create new market opportunities quickly and inexpensively

Better customer service encourages customers to remain loyal, lowering retention costs and minimizing turnover.

As a result, favorable dialogues about the brand are sparked, and customers are transformed into brand advocates. In the end, it has a positive impact on KPIs.

How to apply lean marketing in your company?

Social media

Because of their immediate nature, we may use them as a crucial element in our efforts.

When we have someone in charge of our social media marketing strategy and dedicated to them in real-time, we can see a significant difference in the outcomes we achieve in meeting our objectives.

Buyer persona

Bring together your resources on a platform or channel that has the potential to attract new users and commit your time and energy to it for a set period.

Focusing on developing high-quality content is critical. One of the most effective tools for this is the company’s or brand’s blog, which should be maintained with care and attention. In this way, you will get qualified leads.


Each activity should have a precise aim in mind, and the more clearly you define that target, the better the results will be. You must be clear about what you want to say and who you want to hear it from.

Social media is an excellent medium for the segmentation of audiences. This can be accomplished by using the Facebook Ads platform, which allows for excellent targeting at a relatively low cost.


Our strategies are steered by data, which is the most critical variable in our strategy development. You can also utilize them in Lean Marketing for a limited period of time.

If you set up specific measures and watch them in Google Analytics, it will be much easier to adjust your actions if something goes wrong as soon as you realize it is going wrong.

Example of lean marketing

Lean Marketing allows you to make the most of your resources by concentrating on what is truly important and removing what is redundant or unnecessary to your business.

Instead of concentrating on large-scale efforts or revenues, it is preferable to do low-cost, low-effort testing to determine whether a channel or technique will be successful.

Consider the following example: rather than spending hours brainstorming and producing ten new pieces for your company blog, you could simply create an outline of a few subjects you’d want to cover and distribute that outline to your followers via email or social media.

In the email, inquire as to the topics your customers would like to read about first. This will assist you in making the best possible choice of themes before you begin writing.

Once you have a strong understanding of your consumers’ requirements and objectives, you should limit your marketing efforts to one or two channels.

Take into consideration the fact that most of them are likely to be useless or unimportant to you, so don’t be scared to dismiss some of these suggestions.


The Bottom Line

A relatively new concept, Lean Marketing brings together all the marketing tasks, techniques, skills, and actions that enable the highly effective and flexible promotion of products, brands, and people to adapt advertising messages in real-time and at a low cost.

As a marketing strategy, its unique selling point is that it achieves significant results in a short period of time and at a low cost. It can be tailored to the greatest extent possible to improve the effectiveness of and define actions in the campaigns carried out within a company.

Lean Marketing is so appealing because it can be used in any situation, from private businesses to public institutions (such as government or health agencies).


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