UX Design Course In 2022

7 Reasons Why You Should Learn UX Design Course In 2022

The acronym UX Design implies User Experience Design. It is concerned with researching and analyzing the complete journey of end user, including his interaction & his struggles with the productor service and incorporating this understanding into the functionality so as to ensure an enthralling user experience. The UX designer ensures customer satisfaction as well as loyalty through configuration of varied applications, wireframing of components and prototyping etc. He needs to constantly improve the interface and overcome problems so as to provide convenience and intuitive experience with the product or service.

Reasons to learn professional skills with UX Design course: Following are the reason for studying UX Design course:

  1. Huge Scope: The digital presence in today’s world is so imperative that if you are not present online, then you do not exist. Website or mobile apps have become a face of the brand; a point of interaction with your target audience. The pandemic has been a catalyst in digital revolution, with most of the interaction happening online, be it online education, regular household purchases, entertainment, gaming etc. Infactthe gaming has exploded during the pandemic and has increased the demand for UX player’s manifold. Some figures to support the analysis:
    • 83 billion websites are there globally
    • It is expected that the online gaming segment will rise at 21% CAGR to reach Rs. 29000 crores by 2025. As per KPMG report.
    • In India, the domain .in registrations, as of March, 2021, have surpassed 2.5 million
    • By 2026, it is estimated that the Global Gaming market will touch USD 314.40 billion
    • BCG-Sequoia India report pegs net revenue of Indian Gaming Industry at US $ 5 Billion by 2025.
  2. Enhanced Job Opportunities: UX design is multidisciplinary which involves variable roles including user research, understanding consumer psychology, visual design, data analysis, usability testing, prototyping and collaborating with marketers as well as developers besides working in VFX industry. Infact, a UX designer work profile can now include everything from desktop to mobile apps as well as handling specialized technologies like AI, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality etc. Thus vast opportunities exist.
  3. Future-proof career with UX Design: UX Design is highly valued skillset and with an evolving tech industry the demand for UX designers will steadily enhance. So jump on the band wagon for an enviable future.
  4. Creative and Logical: UX Design is the amalgamation of creativity and logic. You will be utilizing your logical side to create practical solutions that are creative and do not compromise on functionality as well as usability over aesthetics.
  5. Adept in new technologies: UX designers gains expertise in use of new technologies including AI, IOTand Augmented Reality etc. As a UX Designer you will be addressing varied needs and goals and hence research, experiment, and innovate so as to be a bridge between the end user and the technology. In short you shape the future of human relation with tech.
  6. Contribution to the success of a company: Good UX designer means the difference between a happy and a discontent customer. A happy user experience implies fewer complaints, loyal customers, better sales and profitability. Furthermore, a strong UX design will enhance customers’ perception about the brand.
  7. Professional skills with UX Design course: UX Design course imparts following professional skills:
    • Research & Analytical skills:In order to deliver positive user experience, UX Designing has to research and analyze the end consumer qualitativelyas well as quantitatively. The students are encouraged to think cognitively and come up with innovative creative solutions.
    • Exposure: The students are given proper exposure through interaction with industry experts from varied fields, live projects, participation in competitions, internships etc.
    • Problem Solving Skills: Students are mentored to think logically, originally and systematically to come up with solutions to problems.

So without mulling further, just register for UX Design course.

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