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8 Expert Tips for Creating Great Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are one of the fastest-growing trends in online marketing today. You see them everywhere — especially on landing pages, where they’re a proven conversion tool.

In fact, some marketers have reported that having an explainer video on their landing page has increased conversion by as much as 80 percent. So, whether you’re a startup looking to pitch to clients or a business that wants to showcase its product or services, explainer videos will work great.

But what makes for a great explainer video? Furthermore, how do you avoid mistakes that will turn prospects away? Worry not.

Have a Distinctive Style
According to video experts at  Spiel Creative if your explainer video is to succeed, you need to make sure it stands out. You want it to be unique. And one way to do this is by having a distinctive style. I’m sure you have seen many of the most successful explainer videos have very simple but eye-catching graphics and a distinctive sound and color palette.

These are their unique selling points. You should also do the same. Be unique. Your video should be like your brand; it should have a personality and a distinctive style. Additionally, you should match your tone to your demographic. A lighthearted, fun explainer video might work well for something like a mobile app, but it wouldn’t fit with a dry, corporate product.

You also don’t want to come off as unprofessional or uninformed, so make sure you understand what you’re selling before you start creating an explainer video. It may be helpful to write down what makes your product stand out from the crowd and why people would want it.

Focus on Telling a Story
Storytelling is one of the most important aspects of making an effective explainer video. The main goal of your explainer is to tell a story: your brand’s story. Your story should be told by someone who can relate to your audience, whether a customer or a character you created specifically for your explainer.

Effective storytelling captures the audience’s attention and helps them understand what you’re trying to convey about your product or service. Most explainer videos follow a similar format:
● Introducing a problem.
● Suggest your product as the solution.
● Show people how it works.

There’s nothing wrong with this structure, but it’s so common that it has become cliche.

Instead of following this formula exactly, try injecting your own unique story into the narrative. This can be useful if you don’t need to “explain” what your product does at all; in these cases, focusing on the benefits of your product can be a lot more compelling than focusing on its features.

Make Sure Your Message Is Clear
The first step to creating a great explainer video is to make sure that the message is clear. You want the viewer to understand what your product or service will do for them. You want to be able to answer their questions before they even ask them.

This should be done clearly and concisely. Explain exactly what your product will solve and how it does better than anyone else on the market. Once you’ve determined your ideal message, you will need to figure out who will deliver it.

If this character is going to be on screen for more than 20 seconds, you need to consider hiring a professional voiceover talent. If the character is only on screen for a few seconds, you can probably get away with using your voice.

However, if you have a strong accent or don’t have much experience speaking in front of an audience, hiring an expert will work great.

Be Concise and Keep It Short
Explainer videos should be short—the average length is about two minutes. Your video should convey a clear message and should leave customers wanting more information about your product or service.

Keep your target audience in mind because the length of an explainer video should depend on who you want to reach. Some audiences may prefer longer videos, while others may want a quick summary of your business.

Engage With Emotion
The most important factor in any explainer video is how it makes your audience feel. Have you ever watched an ad that made you laugh so hard you had tears? If a video can make you laugh or cry, it has got your attention.

You should aim to connect with your audience emotionally through empathy, humor, or shock value. To date, some of the best explainer videos use humor as their primary tone.

Use a Script to Guide Your Animator
Video production companies often recommend shooting from a script since it helps keep everything on track and prevents any lapses in continuity. The same goes for animation.

It’s important for you and the animator you hire to be on the same page through each step of the process, which means having a well-written script to share at every stage of production.

Have a Call to Action
The purpose of your video may be to inform, educate or entertain, but if you want people to do something after watching it, you need to include a call to action (CTA). What is the point of having the customer watch the video if you don’t want them to take action after watching it?

A CTA can be as simple as: “Visit our website today.” And make sure the CTA corresponds with what they just learned in the video.

Don’t Forget the Sound Effects!
Sound design is essential for creating high-quality explainer videos that captivate and engage viewers. A good sound designer will use various techniques to add interest and enhance the visual element of your video.

They’ll also make sure the soundtrack complements the voiceover without overpowering it, so your message doesn’t get lost in a sea of sound effects.

Bottom Line
Once your script is ready and your voiceover talent is booked, the real work begins. It’s time to piece together your ideas, assets, and execution plan into a cohesive video. And except for those particularly quick jobs that fly by in a day or two, expect it to take at least a week of work (and sometimes more) before you land on something good.

After that, the final step will be promoting your video—but we’ll save that for next time. For now, get to work and make us a great explainer video!

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