VoIP business calling

Why VoIP business calling is cheap?

VoIP phone technology is an alternative that cuts cost since it leverages the internet connection to channel the voice data packets compared to the traditional PSTN where the line has to be dedicated. Consequently, most businesses use VoIP technology for communicating because it can make calls cheaper or even free.

VoIP Service Types 

There are different VoIP service types. First, consumer level, computer to computer internet calls which are often managed through a headset. Second, there is a telephone network that requires the caller to utilize an adapter. Third, PC to telephone network calls where the caller uses a headset. With the widely available 4G, mobile devices have also become viable for using VoIP phone technology. VoIP business solutions have a range of channels to provide cost-effective unified communication solutions for every type and size business.

Why are VoIP call costs lower?

The traditional phone services are either under control of government or firms with a near or complete monopoly. They depend on the call charges for their revenue. They peruse to dominate the domestic market. Hence, VoIP phone services can be 40 to 80% cheaper compared to traditional phone services. Some VoIP service providers even offer free phone calls in the UK. VoIP phone services are cheaper in several ways and a few key reasons why it’s possible will be discussed below.

Long distance calls with a traditional phone system can be quite costly. The greater the distance that call travels more circuits need to open, and the circuits have to be kept open for the entire duration of the call as well. However, one thing that is crucial for good quality VoIP call is the internet connection especially long-distance calls. The only additional charges with a VoIP long distance calls will be associated with voice termination since the call breaks out into the PSTN destination.

  • In an office space environment, multiple phone lines lead to the need for a PBX (Private Branch Exchange). The equipment requires physical space and it can cost around tens of thousands of pounds plus the maintenance expenses. Since VoIP essentially isinternet calling there is no requirement for additional infrastructure or hardware. It simply needs a pre-existing internet connection. Therefore, businesses can better their communication while also saving money. All this is possible by service providers who offer termination services and DIDs (Direct Inward Dialing) to provide a comprehensive business VoIP solution. Users can communicate from anywhere as the number is not restricted to a physical location and any compatible internet-enabled device can be used to access VoIP services. This can reduce the cost of cabling in comparison to the traditional telephone lines which need to be moved or installed in different locations or offices as the business grows and evolves.

With VoIP phone services users need just one network for voice and data services, including sending data files, instant messages, videos, and emails. VoIP technology also offers multi-functional and flexible communication along with conferencing on a worldwide basis. Additionally, with the noticeable reduction in the call expenses, the business can evolve toward an agile working practice in line with the socio-economic pressures of today’s world.

  • VoIP unified communications can also greatly improve customer experiences, enhance a company’s employer brand, retention rates, staff morale, productivity, and efficiency.

From this article, you would have gathered that VoIP offers a lot of benefits and there is no surprise that VoIP phone adoption continues to accelerate. If you are looking for quality service and cheap service plans with a wide range of features, UK phone numbers then you need to check out VoIP business.

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