Manga stream

What is a Manga stream?

Everyone wants to read Japanese comics without paying the extra charges. MangaStream is a free service website that has almost a decade of track record of providing high-quality manga comics. In addition, the fans of the comic reader translated the manga series into multiple languages such as Italian, English and other languages.

Is mangastream down?

The service of the website was taken away because of several reasons. One of the main reasons is to promote legal content. The makers of the original manga comics wanted readers to read the manga content from legal sources.

The other rumours are that the manga was taken due to some legal action against the manga owner. So the actual manga Owner forced them to shut down. But the owner does not mention the reasons.

Alternatives of Mangastream

The manga stream website has been taken down, so we will discuss alternative options. Mangastream is one of the most popular online platforms. The manga alternative options fulfil all the requirements.

Manga Owl:

Mangaowl is a well-known elective website. It has a tremendous information base, which is very efficient to use and user-friendly interface. It is full of a community of manga fans.


Mangadex provides a lot of manga series, and you can find the different versions of manga. The available versions may include the coloured versions, official crossover manga series, fan fiction endings. Furthermore, MangaDex supports more than 20 languages like German, Italian, English, etc.

The manga fan community is fully passionate. You can make your group for the specific types and follow the different manga categories in the available groups. The mangadex forum section gives the freedom to users to discuss anything about the manga with the whole community. If you are talking about the user interface, it is neither good nor bad. It gives a decent look to the users.

Mangafox .

This is another interesting website that fulfils the manga reading interest. It is ranked in Google’s top position, Mangafox. online. The original mangafox colour theme is orange, white and black. The manga updates are the fast, user-friendly and clean interface for reading the manga. It provides adaptive zoom options for better reading. Unfortunately, the app is not available on the official app store like Google Play Store or Apple play store.


The overgrowing collection of manga has 10,000 manga’s series, which has an overgrowing thirst for manga lovers. Therefore, the website is very popular among people. mangahere consist of a scanned manga collection. It mainly consists of Japanese manga and a substantial amount of Korean manga, European manga, Chinese Manga, Hong Kong Manga etc.


Mangapanda is another website. You can find the maximum resemblance of mangastream. If you love original mangastream, you will definitely love Megapanda too. You can go through the 1000s manga comics. It is available in high quality. The website also supported mobile, tablets and laptops. You can enjoy the different genres like adventures, action, mystery, thrill, romance and many more. You can be surprised by the random comic. You can pick according to your choice and press the Surprise me Button.

Mangastream. today

Mangastream. Today is the second website to read manga comics. It is an excellent alternative to Mangastream. You search out a wide variety of manga comics on the website. The website is user friendly and easy to use. There is a different section of genres to make the navigation easy. You can bookmark your favourite manga series and read it anytime according as you want. And The user interface is fantastic and easy to read.


Managaplus is the best alternative to the mangastream. You can find the comprehensive collections on this website. This website is very engaging for the users. It is considered the best website to watch Dragon ball super and Neutra.


mangapark is one of the best comic’s websites. The fan following is perfect. It provided the best quality comics and updated the content daily. The website is very easy to use, which makes the user very comfortable to use. It has an option to upload up to 10 images for each chapter.


mangatown is a website that contains a downsized database of comics. The theme of mangatown is more modern than the other websites. It comes with a fantastic look and design and brings about the best experience for the user. You can browse the different categories for the user. It helps the users to find their favourite comics here.


Mangago is the alternative of the mangastream. You can visit and enjoy the multiple mangas. The beta version of the website comes with fantastic features. It has vast collections of comics. The collection may include Dragon ball, Astro Boy, one piece and many more options. The website is user friendly. You can also find the options of feed and updates.

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