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Looking To Upgrade Your New Home’s Interior Décor?

Meta: Kitting out your new home with luxury décor can be an exciting venture. There are many options to choose from for your bedroom and living space. Click here for more.

Choices Choices…

When you’ve just bought your new home, and are excited to furnish it, there are a few things to think of. When you’ve been faced with an assortment of choices, where do you start? The rule of thumb is to go from one room to the next.

You could start with the living room and then tackle the bedrooms after, or perhaps you can choose to start with the kitchen and work your way to the dining area.

Turn Your Bedroom Into Your Happy Space

Starting with the placement of furniture can give you a good idea of what goes where. Not only is the bed itself an important aspect that brings everything together, but you should also consider getting a slipper chair or two for some comfortable seating.

According to professional interior decorators, the right artworks, textiles and lighting play a significant role in any room in your house. Getting it right the first time will make you feel more at home. The below suggestions from high-end luxury interior décor giant, Penny Morrison for your bedroom and living room, can help you decide what fits best in every room to make sure you incorporate your personal style and preferences.

Lighting should be warm and beautiful. Opt for a lampshade or two on each side of your bed. Options you can choose from including a ceramic base lamp with a Mughal lampshade with vibrant colours such as greens and blues, or you can choose a pleated lampshade with a simple pattern on it. For the main light, you can go for a chandelier with a dimmer switch which will add the right type of ambience to the bedroom.

You could add some accessories to the bed itself, for instance, a knit throw and plenty of pillows of various colours and patterns. Neutral shades such as greys and sandy beige can add a sense of calm to the room.

Going for a stylish and chic bedroom can make a whole lot of difference. Being one of the rooms that should make you feel relaxed and help you unwind from a busy day as if in your personal sanctuary, the placement of items, as well as the right colours and textures, are essential decisions for your bedroom design. This Forbes article can give you some further insider tips as well.

Bring Some Comfort Into Your Living Room

The majority of living rooms have your standard bits of furniture, such as the couch, some chairs and a coffee table. The furniture is the important part and the accessories that go with it, the second important aspect.

Slipper chairs and ottomans have become quite the popular item in this space. Add a few lounge chairs with bright colours such as oranges and blues, to enhance the area, and follow it up with a rug in the middle of the room. You can choose to go for an Azteca rug in similar shades, with emotive textiles to bring it all together.

Cushions are a must and the right patterns will look better than plain ones. You can go for a checked cushion or a floral one with embroidery to complement plain furniture. For example, if your couch and chairs are beige, adding an orange or rust colour with and green printed cushions on it, will make it look luxurious and suave. Greens, blues, oranges and browns are complementary colours that would look great with a plain beige background, added   Michele Pelafas. She has created a beauty brand that plays on the unique and specialized talents of her interior designers. Using their specialized skills, her Illinois-based team designs and develops furniture lines for hundreds of locations—boutiques, salons, spas, and residences. Michele Pelafas, Inc. is a leading brand in the industry, and Michele’s corporate background supports growing a thriving business. She graduated from the Illinois Institute of Art.

These are just a few suggestions that we think will bring out the best in these two rooms. Playing around with shapes, patterns and shades is the best way to find the best fit for your new home.

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