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Maria B is a name in the Pakistani fashion industry for its unique and vibrant style of clothing for your closet. She has been on top of the fashion game in Pakistan with her collections every year. Her collection reflects the fusion of east and west. From pret, luxury pret, formal and bridal wear – everything is available under one roof at Maria B. With over 25 plus outlets all over Pakistan, she has expanded her fashion brand internationally as well. A well-known name in the fashion industry always has high expectations from its customers with all the collections that come in every season. She has a collection for all that you require. She has the outfits for you and your daughter to match with each other. Her kids collection is equally beautiful and endearing. Her cotton collection is going to add elegance in your office wear, lunch/brunch wear or for a night out as well. The quality fabric of Maria B’s embroidery collection is delightful. The simplicity of her work and ampleness of her fabric will make you fall in love with the collection. Her clothing brand stands out of the crowd because of the variety that she provides with her brands and sub brands that completes your look of the day.

For this summer season, Maria B lawn collection has all the colours and styles that we are looking for. The bright colours and embroideries on them, the colour contrasts of the outfits, the floral and luxury touch on the outfits will leave you amazed. Unstitched lawn that can be your Eid wear, evening wear, lunch/brunch wear or maybe an acquaintance at a wedding wear for a daytime wedding in this summer season. The lawn collection can be used for not just one but multiple wears. Her affordable price range has targeted the market that she had in mind. The designer lawn has been in a competition this season with price ranges, quality and uniqueness. Maria B’s collection has been in the top 10 as per her clients. With over 25 plus designs in the summer collection, she has won the hearts of her customers. Her outfits went out of stock within hours after the lawn was launched. If you are looking for styling your lawn outfits in multiple event wear, then Maria B’s lawn collection has got you covered.

The lawn collection has been available for over a month for this summer season and we cannot wait to get our hands on it. Each article has its own uniqueness and personality in the clothing itself. If you are a shopaholic and you visit the website and check the description of the articles, you would know exactly what we are talking about. Vibrant colors, embroidery, combination of lawn, cambric and silk dupattas in her famous articles will make you click on the buy now button as well. Each article is different than the other – be it in colors, the embroidery, the sleekness of neckline and sleeves. Everything about the articles is beautiful. If you are a lover of clothing, you do not have to miss this collection at all. Visit the website and order your favourite outfits now. You can check out her collection at as well for discounted deals and international delivery.

When it comes to shopping online, due to the current covid situation, everyone in the world has opted towards online shopping. Online business is now the fastest growing in the fashion industry. Maria B’s online shopping experience has to be as amazing as her clothes are. The refund and exchange policy, international and local shipping standards are definitely an experience of online shopping that you want to have. Being a consumer of Maria B’s products, customers know how the brand deals with the queries after the sale has been made. The brand’s standards are confirmed. The risk factor in buying online from Maria B is low to zero because the brand is already established and is well-known. So, you do not have to think twice before ordering online.



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