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Tips to Refresh and Update the Website of a Brand or Company

These are the best tips for a brand or company looking to update its website to achieve better results:

Do a Content Audit

The starting point within these nine recommendations to update the website is to audit the content present in this digital space. To avoid making mistakes, it is important to know what has been achieved, therefore, the content audit can be effective, this is about developing a kind of inventory of all the available content to verify what is relevant and what is not.

If your brand or company has blog posts that go back years, it’s time to analyze if they can still be found value by reusing them or if they are better discarded. For a good update it is necessary to have recent articles, however, you also have to try not to affect those old pieces that continue to bring a good volume of traffic to the site also belong to website design and Jezweb wordpress website design offers you the best website audit service.

Review the Content Strategy

The second recommendation to update the site makes sense because while the content audit is being carried out, the analytical section can be explored to see where visitors spend their time and with what content they participate the most.

Once you have a clearer picture of this aspect, it will be easier to adjust your content strategy and start creating materials that can really deliver results by being more relevant to visitors. To better develop this tip, it is worth relying on a content calendar that is broken down by months or weeks under certain themes.

Make sure the Pages Look Good on the Mobile Version

As a third point to consider updating the website properly is the optimization for mobile devices. The person in charge of the site must take into account the section each that incorporates new elements, such as pieces of content, and also in a general way to offer a better experience to visitors.

Unfortunately, there are still many brands and companies that invest in the redesign of their websites without considering this section that today can be considered critical, this because they simply believe that people do not use their smartphones to access their sites. Assuming things like the above can lead to multiple problems, which will undoubtedly have a negative impact.

To be more certain about the changes, it is worth relying on tools such as Google Analytics to see how much traffic is coming from mobile devices. If it is a high percentage then you have to make sure that the pages are easy to navigate, the buttons are easy to press and that the content does not get lost on the screen.

Check for Broken Links

This is another great way to update the website. Broken links can annoy people a lot to the point of leading them to better check the competitor’s site (which no company wants). But not only that, broken links can also negatively impact search engine rankings.

The good news is that there are tools that can analyze the site to find those broken links and prevent these types of problems with great consequences. The task can also be performed manually, however, as it could be understood, it will be a later process for the website manager.

Refresh the “About Us” Page if Necessary

Although it may seem unimportant, this is another of the recommendations that will help update the website. However, as the title of this point says, it should only be developed if necessary.

If your page has bios of employees who have not collaborated in the company for a long time, or if the company has won new recognitions and awards, it is definitely necessary to update all this. If a potential customer comes to your site and sees information that is not up to date, it is highly likely that they will raise doubts about whether it is appropriate to consider the business among their purchase options.

Make sure your Software and Plug-ins are up to Date

This recommendation, in addition to helping to update the website, also fulfills a very important function, which is about the security of the website.

And it is that on many occasions it is easy or tempting for us to ignore messages that ask us to update some platforms to have the most recent version, however doing so can undoubtedly be risky, this type of updates are essential to prevent security vulnerability and keep the site in top condition in terms of speed and functionality.

Developing this tip is especially important for firms that have access to their visitors’ information, such as their credit card details, their telephone numbers, or their emails.

Consider a Site Renovation

If you consider that your business has already evolved and you want to rebrand, you may need to consider a total renovation of the site. However, these types of changes, which can make a big difference, should always be made for the right reasons, especially if you are considering updating key elements of your brand or company identity.

Verify that the Calls to Action are Clear

This tip can be of great help if you are looking to update your website to boost results. The general idea is to verify the places where the CTAs are, identify which ones are not working (to be able to modify them) and the places where they need to be placed.

When optimizing calls to action, it is important to keep in mind that these must be actionable, they must have a priority focus, and that is, it must be the button that stands out the most on a page. Furthermore, they must also appeal to people’s sense of urgency.

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