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Five Benefits of Using Job Postings Data

Nowadays, online recruitment is the standard practice when a company decides to extend its team. Fortunately, anyone can access this information and pursue it to achieve different strategic objectives. Job postings data are now widely available, but sourcing it from a fresh data provider, significantly reduces time and effort while ensuring that all information is fresh. Let’s see the top five benefits of using job postings data!

Improving business intelligence capabilities

Business intelligence refers to the ability to turn information, such as job postings data, into actionable insights. In other words, the main benefit of utilizing job postings data is that you can use data analysis to identify trends and patterns to make business decisions.

Nowadays, we have access to an infinite pool of information thanks to the online environment. Firms and individuals who manage to harness the power of all of these data will enjoy higher productivity, better forecasts, and improved decision-making processes.

Enhancing talent sourcing efforts

Companies use job postings data to finely tune their hiring and recruitment strategy. For instance, you can identify your competitors’ hiring practices by looking into their job postings. This may show the skills, experience, and types of professionals other companies need.

When accessing job postings data, managers can adjust or improve the recruitment process and make sure that the right individuals can easily contact their businesses. You can also compare your company’s hiring practices with competitors’ job postings to identify weaknesses and improve the process, thus increasing your chances of attracting highly skilled personnel.

Competitor analysis

Continuously analyzing your competitors helps you obtain an advantage to improve your predictions and strategies. Job postings data are beneficial and help you determine whether your competitors increase or decrease their team, which may be a performance indicator. For example, if a company opens ten more job positions this month, it perhaps opened a new office, which means that it is expanding. This helps you further adjust your business strategy and mitigate risks.

At the same time, you can use job postings data to identify expansion opportunities. For instance, if a retail company decreases the number of job postings, it may suggest that sales stagger, or it even closes down stores.

Driving sales or investments

Job postings data can be used for more than simply to improve your workforce or monitor your competition. You can also use this information to boost your revenues and approach new clients. This is especially relevant if you have a B2B company, as an increase in job postings experienced by one of your potential clients can be a signal that you may approach the company and offer your services.

For example, if you have a company that offers accounting software to other companies, you can use job postings data to identify expanding prospective clients. Then, you can approach them, making your business more efficient because you will spend less time pursuing companies that may not afford or need your services.

These numbers are identifiable through a method called data valuation, wherein it helps identify the job market value and other meaningful data for the organization.

Improving investment decisions

At the same time, job postings data can also be used as an investment indicator. Investors could use this information to have a better insight into their target businesses, complementing financial information. A downsizing firm, for instance, may go through a rough financial period, so it may not be a good investment decision.

This information can also be used for mergers and acquisitions as you can utilize job postings data to assess potential partners or purchases. Although traditional data, such as financial statements, remain important in this process, job postings data offer a granular, highly detailed insight into the company. When making long-term investments, it is always a must to have an outside perspective, too.


In the era of the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data, more and more businesses try to become data-driven to improve their processes and become more efficient.

This type of alternative data can offer a multi-dimensional insight into numerous business aspects, bringing benefits to business managers and investors alike. Overall, job postings data can be used to attain a sharper competitive edge, better understand rivals and their strategies, and analyze the market for potential expansion opportunities, among others.

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