Maxwell Drever Shares His Views on Converting Broken Hotels to Low-Cost Housing Units

Today, the workforce housing got created for the families who fall between the middle to low-income bracket. And even if they are working, their earnings aren’t enough to pay for the house rent and provide for other expenses. In such a situation, these people are neglecting a significant amount of their living costs. And once you think about the pandemic outbreak, you will realize that the earnings and revenues have lowered, which has placed the families at a greater risk of living in poor-quality homes or becoming completely homeless. And here, lavish housing is not something that people with low earning will buy.

The recent scenario to consider

According to Maxwell Drever, there is a huge gap between lavish and workforce housing. And the pandemic has brought a few scopes along with the crisis. Today, it has a scope to transform vacant properties and broken hotels into low-cost housing for the workforce population to ensure improved neighborhoods and other advantages.

The pandemic has resulted in a negligible to no occupancy rate in the broken hotels. And that has provided the developers with the great scope to come with low-cost housing with a better community. Today, the local authorities can work to come up with improved housing policies and propose better finances so that they utilize it in mass conversion of broken hotels into low-cost accommodation units. If one takes an aggressive approach, the development can take place at a faster pace.

The way to convert a hotel into a low-cost accommodation space

Today, some non-profit organizations are coming up with programs that enable them to buy hotels that have witnessed ample losses because of the pandemic. Such hotels are the best assets to get transformed into low-cost housing units for families who belong to the middle and low-income groups.

Here, the spaces transformed into low-cost accommodation can get segregated into two parts. One can be dedicated to the people who have become homeless so that they receive a home and stay protected from the virus. And the other half can get used for the rentals which the workforce population can purchase with their existing income. And this idea of mass conversion of hotels will avert overriding the zoning rules in the community that has several hotels.

That is not all! The local authorities can receive the funds to buy the distressed hotels and issue the mass conversion procedure to provide a space for the homeless and families with less income. It would require small renovations and kitchen additions to transform them from a hotel to a low-cost housing system.

Here, Maxwell Drever says that one needs to walk in the correct direction to convert these motels into low-cost housing quickly. However, before doing that, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of the needs of the people who belong to the workforce population so that they can reside satisfactorily. Also, it’s essential to convert the hotels in such a way that the low-income household can pay for the rentals and not feel cost-burdened as with the case of lavish home costs.

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