Median property prices

Median property prices in Florida: between budget-friendly options to extra lavishness

Florida welcomes people from all angles of the world; as such, there is virtually no race of people that you will not find in the beautiful beachy towns of Florida. The gush of fresh ocean air, the peaceful environment, and the promise of quality living are some of the reasons to migrate to this part of the USA. However, many times, it is wise to count your expenses and proposed expenditure by considering the real estate cost in Florida as this will help determine a financial plan and strategy for migration.

This blog post aims to provide correct and recent information on the cost of buying properties in Florida and the budget-friendly options you can utilize without losing the lavishness of a luxurious life. Yes, there are actually nice locations you can live in that are relatively cheaper in comparison with the mega city areas. Read till the end for this and much more.

Most affordable city areas in Florida for ex-pats

According to Florida.Realestate contrary to popular perception, the most expensive corners are not the most fun places to live in Florida. Many of those expensive communities are often quiet and with minimal activities, such that many residents often leave their estates in order to have a nice time. You could plan to live this kind of solitary life where you go out to chill and return to the quiet, or you could live in these bubbly areas and have all the fun down your street. Which appeals more to you? Funny enough, these bubbly areas are often much more affordable for residential purposes.

Kindly find below some of the most affordable city areas to live in Florida for Ex-pats:


Drive about 1:30 minutes north of Tampa, and you will find the fishing community of Homosassa. Situated by the edge of Florida just adjoining the Gulf of Mexico. This city is known for its fresh seafood and the live restaurants serving freshly made foods. It is a small community where you can get a seaside property costing less; the views of the oceans are real, calm, and pleasant, like the expressions in the legendary Blue Lagoon movie. You can buy all kinds of sea animals and fish at the local market, and the restaurant serves Tier 1 recipes. You will save at least 50 dollars monthly, below living costs in other Florida cities. The average cost of housing in Homosassa fluctuates at about $230,000 but may be higher.

Crystal River

After you get to Homosassa, you will find the Crystal River up north, twenty minutes away; that is, it is about 1:50 minutes north of Tampa, Florida. Crystal River is known to be the home of Manatees in Florida; if you can dive into the clear waters, you just might encounter one. You will save a lot of money staying here as regular bill rates are lesser, and housing is more affordable while giving you a quiet seaside living on one hand and plenty of outdoor activities to recharge your social battery. You can get a property here for well under $220,000. Imagine having a fancy beach house at that price! Seafood and fresh restaurant servings of them are plenty in the Crystal River.


Voted as the cheapest place to rent a property when compared to the cost of renting. It means that buying a property in Inverness is easier than buying one. Here’s an illustration, you may have to pay up to $700 for One bedroom as monthly rent; meanwhile, it will cost you only about $150,000 to own a stand three-bedroom apartment. Doing the math, you will see that it is easy to recoup capital in only a few years. It is, therefore, a great place to buy property for commercial or rental purposes.

Interestingly, Inverness has all the captivating spots and activities other famous locations have. For example, it is a great kayaking, sunbathing, swimming, and fishing spot. It also has snorkeling spots around the beaches. You will find impressive restaurants and fun joints, etc.


The best way to describe this city is this, drive from Gainesville and go northeast, about 1 hour away, and you will find the Palatka modern village. Not only is Palatka one of the cheapest places to own property in Florida, but it is also a splendid location for lovers of culture and heritage. The Palatka people hold rich festivals a year in and out, and the area is known for its mural wealth and items. The median cost of housing in this part of Florida is around $240,000, and you can find all of the usual side attractions of living in a coastline area in Palatka. Nicknamed after St Johns and known as the Gem City of St Johns, Palatka has many beautiful sites, first-class hotels, and classic relaxation spots.

You will not miss anything living or vacationing in Palatka, yet it will cost you significantly less to do so. The area is favored among retirees and lovers of quiet life.


In one of the most unnoticed corners of Tampa, you will find the Zephyrhills community, access to all of the cool places within and around Tampa, great boutiques and shops, children’s parks, and yet more affordability when compared to the main areas in Tampa. If you are looking for a society to own a property in Florida without breaking the bank, then explore units in Zephyrhills; you can find property in this area as low as $200,000. But it is necessary to also include that some units are as expensive as six million dollars so you can have a millionaire neighbor living down the streets.

There you have it! The above is a list of cheap cities and communities where you can live in Florida and still enjoy the beautiful ocean scenery and a life of comfort.

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