Writing Your Resume

Mistakes To Look Out For When Writing Your Resume

We are currently living in the digital age. There are tons of websites, apps, and tools that can help you in your employment process. There are even templates, and you must pick and put the pieces of information accordingly. But even with this, you can still make crucial mistakes. You may have done research but still, use the things you’ve learned incorrectly. To help you make sure that what you do with your resume is correct, here are some of the most overlooked things that put candidates at a disadvantage.

Using the wrong template

Employment gaps cannot be avoided; even if you try your best to have a credible and sold work history, there will always be a gap in your employment. So focus on the things that you can control instead. Ensure that you are using the right format because having gaps in employment on your resume will prompt employers to ask more questions. The correct format and accurate information will help streamline the process. If the resume you have now highlighted your employment gaps, that means that you are not using that format that is suitable for you.

Including irrelevant information

Putting too much information is a big No, primarily if those pieces of information are not related to the job description. Do not give the hiring managers things they do not need to know; it will only give them more things to read. Unfortunately, this is one of the common mistakes job seekers make. In an attempt to personalize their resume and give the employers a glimpse of their personality, they give too much unnecessary information.

Job seekers, especially new ones, discuss their hobbies in detail. However, if you are going to include your hobby, ensure only by adding the needed information. For example, if you want to show how well you manage your time, just give them an insight; you do not have to describe your schedule.

Even in work experience, you can give too much information. When including information about a certain thing, always make sure and double-check if it is relevant. Ask yourself, “Will the hiring managers like this information?” “Will the employers be able to use this information helpful?” “Will the readers find theses information insightful?” “Does this information help me leave a good impression with the hiring managers?”

Using the wrong approach

When writing your resume, you must use the correct approach. Ensure that your English level is just right, not too casual or technical. Your writing will show your employers how good you are at English, so do not mess up this one. Do not use colloquial and too technical terms. Terms that you have to look up will only make you appear as if you are trying hard to sound smart or you d not know how to talk in a manner that is easy to understand.  Always pay attention to the tone, mood, and terms used.

Using only qualitative data

There is no doubt that qualitative data will help your employers see what kind of employee you are but do not forget the quantitative data. Do your best to present percentages, numbers, and technical data. This information will help you convince your employers because they have a basis. Using numbers is one way to catch their attention. Hiring managers skim, so if they see a number, they will check it.

Being too honest

Being honest is important, but if you talk about your past employers and co-workers negatively, even if that is true, this will affect you badly. So you have to be professional and professionally give feedback.

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