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Modular Container For Shelter And Technical Room

While containers Solutions has become a trusted name in the prefab industry. Many firms offer customized containers that can be converted to shelters and technical facilities. These prefabricated dwellings can be easily integrated into a safe and long-lasting container for moving equipment from one place to another. These shelters are easy to carry, making them ideal for industrial use around the world. Depending on the demand, these installed living spaces can be reinforced with technical requirements such as resistance, partition, ventilation, aesthetics, etc.

The variety of options and adapting to changing circumstances and needs make their shelters a good choice for your growing demand. Many experienced engineering teams are constantly striving for improvement and are ready to support our customers in making the product according to their needs.

Ready To Cover The Living Space Of Flat Pockets

Some shelter kits with flat packs are ready to enclose tightly packed containers specially made with sandwich panels. Previously created shelters have become a popular technology room because:

  • Move one place to another.
  • Ready to use.
  • According to requirements
  • Enable faster working conditions.

Many shelters are used in many industries such as GSM, photovoltaic, electricity, data centers, telecommunications, military, water treatment, information technology, and more. Read more best container technology room is provided with accessories such as:

  • Well-planned power circuit and utilities
  • Door-like openings; fitted and door close, etc.
  • Construct of walls and roof with clock panels.
  • Flooring is very important to withstand heavy loads.

What Makes Our Shelter A Masterpiece?

Our pre-existing residence is ideal for the tech room because of its solid construction, separation, adaptation, and adaptation. Let us take a closer look at the features of the former shelters.

Various Sizes:

The prefab shelter containers are made according to customer specifications. In addition to their needs, the technical team also assists them by providing details on the construction of residences of various sizes; length, height, and width. In fact, the firm offers two or more hidden opportunities that work together to achieve a wider range of technology.


Selected Shelters are designed to be modified as needed and have features such as:

  • Weather resistance – highly resistant to external hazards such as loading and ununload severe weather conditions such as hurricanes, rainstorms, floods, etc.
  • Sturdy construction – shelters are made with a sandwich panel that provides extra strength as well
  • separation and anti-static PVC. Air-tight seals are maintained according to
  • customer requirements. They are fitted with cement mortar that can withstand rot.
  • Instead of OSB or plywood to get more strength.
  • Safety measures – during construction, similar safety measures were introduced
  • installation of the security department, three-door keys, proximity door, emergency bar, etc.
  • Air distribution – Each air broadcast is given special attention to our safety.
  • They are well equipped with aeration grilles, ventilation, and cooling air an area such as pre-installed forklift truck bags, etc.

Delivery On Time

Moreover the shelters were built first, they were provided in the form of kits, where the panels were placed on top of each other in an orderly fashion. This helps to place shelters above each other. Due to the reduced volume, from 5 to 20 covers per kit, they can be packed in one 40 shipping container, saving shipping costs. We bring selected shelters to all African ports for your convenience.

Fast Production Process

To meet your technical space requirements, we produce one residential space within 5-6 weeks. We also work on creating openings such as doors and windows. With a strong workforce of more than 200 employees, we can deliver products efficiently in a short period. And all these thanks to our three lines of sandwich production, which allows for faster production. With our complete house building and production process, solutions containers can cover your most minor details.

Safety And Support

To help you integrate a pre-built shelter key, we will assist you with the following:

  • Detailed meeting guide
  • Site Manager (by rating only)

On request, we can arrange your visit to our factory, where we will show you the product, and we can also arrange a technical check, in the end, ourselves or independent bodies.

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