A Guide to Teach Students During Pandemic

The last year of COVID-19 was full of difficulties for all kinds of peoples. Their activities got limited, and they had to bound themselves only at a single place. The kind of people most affected by this is students. Educational institutes are like heaven for students. These institutes are responsible not only for the physical but also for the emotional grooming of students. But the last few months have deprived them of all such nurturing they lack interest in studies. Eventually, they are also not sure about the future, whether these institutes will be open in the coming months or not. So now it is a great responsibility of teachers to regain their interest.  

It has lead to an increase in youth emotional disturbance. More than educational institutes, the teachers have to be active and smart to make this generation great human beings in these unending days of COVID-19. They have to teach them in such an interesting way that will surely help them learn, grow, and encourage them to play a part in this difficult time. Here we are providing some tricks and tact’s that will surely support teachers during lockdown to keep their students fresh and stick to their studies

Mobile supporting apps

As we all know, during COVID-19, not only students but also other family members are working from home. So two or three persons have to compromise on one computer or laptop. Because these devices are in low quantities in every family, but one thing sure is that everyone has him/her mobile phone. That is why it is up to the teachers to teach them from such apps or software that can be mobile-friendly. They need to make sure the digital equity to their all students.

One thing more notable in this online learning is that all the students or teachers should have access to Wi-Fi or a good internet connection. Well, it’s the responsibility of the institution to provide this facility to their staff and pupils. Some students cannot afford a good internet connection, so their departments should ease their educational bills.

Digital practice

In this time of COVID-19, we are using technology much more ever than before. Because during regular study times, the students were dependent on paper, pen, and books. So they need to have a good hand on digital technology. Because different learning systems are unique for some students who had never use such applications before. 

That is why teachers must make them prepared for this skillful system. They should manage to do their practice daily from where they would get through the lectures. Even teachers need to have a good grip on this learning management system. The proper training of students will motivate them to learn from such friendly apps. Moreover, this digital practice will deprive their anxiety about using complex robotics.

Encouragement during lecture delivering

It is a known fact that students do not pay much heed to their studies as they used to during classroom lectures. It is because their surroundings distract their minds and thoughts. So, teachers should conduct online lectures in which they can see their students directly. It will lead them to listen to their lectures keenly and carefully. The positive and energized start of the class keeps their brains focusing and connected to learning. The teacher should ask questioning during the online delivery of lectures at different points to re-energize and activate their minds. Cracking a jock or telling an interesting story will keep them motivated. 

However, one thing that makes them sincere to their learning is the benefits of studying, how it can promote their well-being. The teachers should tell them how this learning will help them in their future, keeping their brains optimized. For the best face-to-face meeting, the teaching staff should have the good laptop or tablet device. If you are a teacher, then you can see the best teaching laptops at https://laptopsstudio.com/best-laptops-for-teachers/. For online learning, these devices need to be excellent. Students can learn as they are in a classroom with a clear voice and perfect face-to-face interaction.

Proper counseling

We all know that how this COVID-19 has increased our anxieties. Emotional disturbance is making its place in the minds of students. Nowadays, they are worried about their studies and future too. So counseling is very important for them. This counseling is the only way to support their mental health during anxiety. They need to get psychological help to pass COVID-19 challenging time. It can be done by delivering motivational lectures. 

Different types of surveys will help to know the teachers their depression levels. This survey needs to be done at the scheduled timing. It will help maintain a good teacher-student relation and the mental exercises should be arranged to robust their learning skills. Moreover, they should be asked about their routine. Even institutional management should provide them with proper planners. Give opportunities to students in which they can express their thoughts.

Interaction with parents

One thing that is missing during COVID-19 is the lack of parent-teacher meetings. It becomes impossible for teachers to contact their students, so how even they can manage to keep connected with their parents. But it is the most needed aspect that should be taken into consideration. The scheduled emails should be sent to parents containing the report of their children’s performance. Even one day in a month should be reserved in which teachers can interact with parents and ask them about their kids’ routine. Tell them about how their mutual affection can help you to develop the learning behavior of their kids.


The profound transition that we have all faced has led both students and teachers to increased discomfort. Blending wellness in online classrooms allows us to calm and show the students that they can take advantage of hardship to develop their psychological package. In this manner, you will give them a skill set that will last past the disease outbreak and lessons for many years ahead.

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