Monday – A Complete Review on Its Features and Cost

Monday – A Complete Review on Its Features and Cost

Apart from the affordable cost, the tool is mentioned to be the best project management software. software offers versatility, scalability, affordability, and an impressive feature set. But is this suitable for your business? Let’s review further its features and pricing plans!

What Makes Monday.Com Software the Best for Project Management?

Monday software continues to win the first rank of project management software. Besides supporting a variety of use cases, the software is functional. Whether you are a freelancer, corporate organization, or something in between, this tool works flexibly enough for almost everyone.

Before we dive into cost, let’s explore innovative features offered by this software.

Integrated Time Tracking is project management software with integrated time tracking capabilities. As we know that some project management tools only offer time tracking as an add-on. Thus, it is a bargain to get them at no extra charge.

A perfect combination of time recording and project management tools will give you a better understanding of the task duration and the entire project schedule. With, you can easily identify the task that will take the longest.

You can also turn the tracker on or off with a single click, or you can manually enter the time. The software allows you to track time from anywhere with just a few taps on the mobile app. In addition, automation eliminates repetitive tasks.

Multiple Project Views

As shown on demo, the software provides you with everything you need in just one click. You can visualize your projects based on your perceptions, including Kanban, Gantt, Timeline, and Calendar views.

Whether you need a large image view or want an overview of your daily tasks, you can easily switch between views. Thanks to a large number of views, including completely individual views, you will easily view all the data and information about the status of your project. In brief, this software saves you time finding what you need.

All the Templates Are Customizable

Apart from the inexpensive cost of, the software comes with customizable templates. This will help you to establish a process and set up a project management system from scratch. The customizable templates offered by this software not only save you time. More than that, the templates also make it easier to get started. software offers various free templates such as:

  • Project portfolio tracking
  • Team tasks
  • Campaign planning
  • Contact management
  • Customer onboarding
  • Help desk tickets
  • Event planning
  • Project planning
  • Product roadmaps and more.

Whether you are managing a single project or an advanced project with hundreds of users, this tool has a template that suits your needs.

Strong Integration

You can easily integrate with other business tools and apps you already use. This integration improves your project management process. Additionally, it allows your team to do more in less time. With proper integration, you don’t have to go back and forth between platforms.

You can easily create workflow automation to avoid repetitive management tasks and keep everyone in an autopilot loop. software syncs with almost everything you need, including Slack, Shopify, Dropbox, Zoom, Gmail, and more than 40 other tools.

Developed Custom Automation

The most compelling reason why many companies use project management software is to automate monotonous tasks. Many tools provide this functionality, and is no exception.

However, the software takes it one step further by making automation fully customizable and easy for each team member to use. With just a few clicks, you can automatically move a task from one phase to the next. You can also assign the task to the next team member and notify them by email.

This will save a lot of time and ensure that the process runs completely without having to manually perform these actions each time.

Built-In Dashboard Reports and Workload Management

The built-in dashboard from is highly customizable and you can easily see all your important data at a glance. Want to get an overview of your project budget? No problem. Would you like to see the status of your project? Simple.

The software is 15 pre-built widgets that you can use to create dashboards. This includes widgets specially designed for workload management. The capacity planning widget provides you with real-time capacity updates. Additionally, you can allocate available resources in just seconds. All the users can create private or public dashboards, depending on who they share with.

Monday Is Easy to Use

The idea behind project management software is to make things easier. The best software should not add additional tools that your team members can’t use. might not be the easiest software. Yet, this software is not the hardest either.

Within an hour, you and your team members can know everything you need to know without resorting to specialized training. You will find an extensive knowledge base with hundreds of tutorials on demo. All will help you to get started, explain troubleshoot issues, and keep your team up to date. In case a problem arises, the support team from software will respond 24 hours a day via live chat.

Monday Pricing Plans pricing plans offer various promising packages for businesses of all sizes. There are four options to choose include Basic, Standard, Pro, and Enterprise.

In general, cost is very affordable. Whether you are just getting started or needing advanced project management for a large team, this software has options for everyone.

However, there will be different features available at every plan. The basic plan starts at $8 per user monthly and offers unlimited boards and more than 200 templates. The standard plan starts at $10 and allows you to create a dashboard combined from five different boards.

For Pro, you will get support, unlimited guests, for $16. The Enterprise plan allows you to create a dashboard combined with data with up to 50 boards.

The best part is, you can try for free with a 14-day trial. The free trial includes unlimited boards with no credit card required.

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