So you are enjoying a Saturday night at your house with your friends along with cheese, wine and gossip. Guests are enjoying, music is playing, conversation is flowing, high spirits and music and before you even know it, wine sloshes on your cream fabric sofa. Or maybe a toddler accidently smeared their spaghetti on the velvet sofa. Whether it’s chocolate, mud, ink or wine, seeing stains on your sofa can make your heart sink. But don’t you worry! We got your back and we will give you Couch Cleaning Melbourne tips on how you can remove stains from fabrics.

Make sure you read the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions before anything else. 

Like your favourite clothes pieces, couches always come with a cleaning tag. For cleaning hints, look at the tag. The following cleaning advice should work for any type of fabric, but be careful to read the cleaning tag and try any products in a discreet area before using them throughout the entire couch. So, if you also want to learn these Couch Cleaning Melbourne tips on how you can keep stains away from the leather, linen or any other fabric sofas with then read on. You will also learn tips on how to remove stains from the sofa fabric. Here are four simple ways to cleaning your fabric sofa at home, whether you’re actively attempting to get rid of some dirt or just want to give it a little refresh: 

  1. Keep your cool

When your dog jumps up on the couch coated in dirt, the last thing you want to do is worry. Especially considering how simple it is to clean one of our couches! You should first use the edge of a teaspoon to scrape away any stain residue from stains like mud, ketchup, lipstick, or silly putty. You won’t need to do this for other stains, including coffee or pen marks. Simply drench the fabric in water and start blotting. You can even use help from professional Upholstery Cleaning Sydney service to make sure the stain is removed.

  1. Rinse and dry

Water should be applied to the stain and blotted with a white paper towel. Avoid using circular strokes because they will simply cause your paper towel to rip and embed paper towel fibres into your fabric. Additionally, it can make the stain worse. Blotting takes time but is quite successful, so repeat the procedure, carefully dabbing at the stain until there is nothing left to see on the paper towel. 

  1. Circles and Water 

The trick using the circular motions should be used after the blotting is finished. 

More water should be applied to the stain before gently rubbing the sofa with a microfiber cloth. For extra stubborn stains, you can use a white bar of soap to help. 

Continue doing this until the stain is totally gone. 

  1. Air-dried

Last but not least, let the sofa air dry. This is quite significant. You shouldn’t use a hairdryer or apply heat to the stain in any other manner because doing so could cause the stain to become embedded in the fibres. 

How to Clean Sofa Cushions and Arms?

The good news is that the same procedures described above may be used to clean the arms of a sofa. All you need is water, some elbow grease, and, if the stain or general filth is really difficult to remove, a bar of white soap. Before cleaning the sofa cushions, vacuum up any crumbs, hair, or loose dirt using the hoover. If the cushions’ covers are removable, you can unzip them and wash them by hand in warm water with soap or throw them in with your next load of laundry. After being washed, the covers should be placed back on the cushions and inflated. 

Couches see a lot of use, so it’s inevitable that they will occasionally become soiled and ruined. We should all be able to remove stains from couches, so we should all know how to do it. Hopefully the tips given above on how to clean a couch properly, whether there has been a sudden spill of red wine or just a pile of dirt from the dog resting on the couch every day will help you. Otherwise you can always hire Sofa Cleaning Melbourne service to take care of the stains for you!

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