Most Selling Youtuber Hoodie in 2020 

The most profitable YouTubers Merch hoodies come into being when creators take ample time to create a thoughtful design or certain message that YouTuber wants to give to their community of subscribers. We came across a lot of  YouTubers who, with their millions of subscribers, have their favorite merchandise business as part of it.

Based on their level of popularity, we have curated a list of five successful YouTubers, whose hoodies are as merch sold as hoke cakes. Here the list for you that helps you explore common design themes :

Karleigh Klostermann

Famously known for her happy life merch to remind fans that we all have a daily life struggles and trivialities that we deal with, but we should always be happy in the end when iy=t tries to gush you down. Her campaign style actually resonates with her subscribers. It is counted as one of the best and successful hoodie as a merch drop.

Knorpp and South

With a whopping fan following of 500K subscribers, the family of nine members of Knorpp and South is famously known for their hoodie that represents their family’s beliefs and theories they usually discuss in their videos. Hoodies that are laced with colorful patterns and pastel color graffiti along with their Knorpp and South’s logo, this hoodie is considered as one of the successful merch all over the globe.

Their hoodie patterns are successful because a certain concept or belief on which their youtube channel stands for, they reflect that and thus the followers feel an immediate connection to the merch.


Berd is known for his funny takes on the real issues thus comes with a single-stroke bird drawing. Berd launched hoodies that feature the original Berd character. So far, this successful merch has sold 1.18 million subscribers. Hoodie’s attraction is when a certain cartoon or animal character is attached as part of the brand, thus integrating with the hoodie merch. Lots of YouTubers actually became successful merch by promoting Birds’ brand of Juice wrld hoodies.


Not just hoodie, take every merch of MeatCanyon which is not successful. MeatCanyon has found an unlimited success not just with this adventure travel videos, but with the hoodies which became a part and parcel of anybody’s travel. MeatCanyon has found a lot of success in launching new hoodies as a merch that’s timed with the release of his newest video. Their hoodies feature characters from the latest videos and immediately resonates with his most loyal subscribers.

Nicole Eddy

Coming with the catchy themes and quotes that speak for your subscribers but also pushes your online brand to a certain extent that gives a mainstream brand a run for their money. YouTuber and travel vlogger Nicole Eddy wanted to design her merch to remind her loyal following of travel and surfer enthusiasts of all the good times that summer brings each year and highlights her brand at the same time.

With these goals in mind, she created her line of exclusive merch called It’s Summer Somewhere. The imagery on the front of the shirts represents her love for surfing and the beach, and on the back, she placed her branded logo.

Let us know which hoodies would be you take into your wardrobe collection. Give us your feedback, comments, and insights in the comment box below.

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