Motorcycle Accident Injury Cases

Motorcycle Accident Injury Cases – What You Need to Know About Them

You are more likely to get involved in an accident when riding a motorcycle than a car. The chances of getting serious injuries from such an accident are extremely high. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident and have incurred losses or injuries, hiring a lawyer to help you receive compensation is especially important. You are more likely to get involved in an accident when riding a motorcycle than a car. The chances of getting serious injuries from such an accident are extremely high. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident and have incurred losses or injuries, hiring a motorcycle accident attorney in kansas city, mo to help you receive compensation is especially important. In this article, we will discuss motorcycle accidents and advise you on where to find the best motorcycle accident lawyers.

Differences Between Motorcycle and Car Accidents

Motorcycle accidents differ from other vehicle accidents. Even though they share some similarities, motorcycle accidents are different when it comes to liability issues, injuries sustained during the accident, the accident’s cause, and how the motorbike was operated.

When compared to other vehicles drivers, motorbike riders lack the protection of being enclosed and shielded by a metallic external structure. Other than that, motorbikes are much smaller, do not have airbags or seat belts, and of course, have only two wheels.

Motorcyclists face several major risks that car drivers do not. These risks include less stability, road hazards such as mud, rocks, and debris, and limited visibility. This means that a motorcyclist is more likely to suffer injuries from an accident than a car driver, and the legal proceedings that follow the incident are tougher to handle than for other vehicles. Below are some other major differences between car and motorcycle accidents:

  • Because they are more exposed and vulnerable on the road, riders often incur more severe and permanent injuries than car drivers
  • Motorcyclists are at a higher risk of sustaining permanent spinal cord or brain injury from an accident. This type of injury is expensive to treat and care for and may require additional long-term financial support.
  • Bikers are seen in society as inherently risky or reckless. This means that a biker who has been involved in an accident is most likely to face a tougher time in court from biased jurors.
  • Due to the extreme nature of injuries suffered from motorcycle accidents, many victims end up requiring additional compensation for long-term medical expenses and lost wages.
  • Many of these accidents result in the wrongful death of the motorcyclist and/or his or her passenger.

Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

Accidents involving motorbikes occur daily and will continue doing so for years to come. However, it does not mean that there is nothing you can do to try and reduce them. There are several measures that if you put in place can help reduce injuries and fatalities in these accidents. Here are a few safety tips you should practice as a motorcyclist:

Wear a Helmet

A properly fitting helmet can go a long way in protecting a rider during an accident. Even though it will not protect you from all head injuries, it may save it from those injuries that are serious or fatal.

Put on the Right Gear

The most recommended type of clothing for bikers are those made of leather or armored materials. Wearing this type of gear can help protect you from injuries caused by sliding on small rocks, debris, asphalt, or other road hazards. For protecting your feet from engine heat burns or other injuries, motorcycle boots will help you do that. We also recommend you wear clothes with reflective material or bright colors to help make you more visible to other road users.

Know Your Boundaries

One of the biggest mistakes most riders make on the road is overestimating their skills. They do this by attempting high speeds on the road although what they don’t realize is that even professional racers practice for extended periods of time with the right protective gear, on perfectly tuned bikes, and purpose-built tracks to try and achieve such speeds.

Leave Enough Space

Most of us know that the weight and size of a vehicle determine how much space it needs to be brought to a complete stop or for safe maneuverability. Because motorbikes are small and weigh much less, a rider can be misled into believing that it will not need that much room to stop and maneuver, which is not true. A bike might need even more room depending on several factors, one of them being engine size. So, learn your motorcycle’s capabilities, and above all, obey traffic regulations concerning the minimum allowed space between your bike and the vehicle in front and/or besides you.

Avoid Distractions

Regardless of whether you are driving/riding a vehicle or walking on foot, you should avoid all distractions while on the road. The risks of not observing this rule can affect all road users, but they are worse when it comes to riding a motorcycle.

Be Cautious

Your safety and that of other road users starts with you. Therefore, ride defensively and always assume that the other driver has not seen you.

Both motorcycle and car accidents can injure and cause fatality. However, motorcycle riders do not have the added safety of seatbelts, airbags, and above all enclosure that those in cars enjoy. On top of that, bikers are five times more likely to be injured and 26 times more likely to die in an accident.

Find an Experienced Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer 

If you have been involved in a road accident with a motorcycle and suffered serious bodily or head injuries, you should seek the help of a reputable motorcycle accident lawyer. Adendorff Attorneys Inc is familiar with the pain and suffering the victims of motorbike accidents and their families face and will help you receive compensation for medical expenses and lost wages.

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