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My Car Won’t Start, Now What? How to Hire Tow Truck Services

The national average cost to tow a vehicle is $109. Rates can vary greatly from $2.50 to $7 per mile. This can represent a significant cost when you start factoring in the distance that you need your vehicle towed.

The best time to look for tow truck services is when you don’t need one. Trying to look for a NRC Group regional towing in an emergency is stressful. You feel the pressure to find someone fast and can be tempted to hire the first company you call.

This guide will help you find the best service for your needs at a price you can afford.

Know Their Specialty

Did you know that not all towing companies service the same type of vehicles? Some towing companies will specialize in towing standard-sized passenger vehicles, such as cars, trucks, and SUVs.

Other towing companies specialize in heavy equipment, machinery, and large commercial vehicles. is one of those towing companies that specialize in moving oversized and heavy vehicles.

What Are Their Hours?

The majority of companies are a 24-hour tow truck service. This is smart since you never know when an emergency will happen. Be sure to check the operating hours of your chosen service to ensure they are open and can send someone immediately to come assist.

How Much Do They Charge?

Ask a tow company how much they charge and what their pricing structure is. Some will charge a flat rate for a certain distance radius and then by the mile after that. Others will charge by the mile for the entire service.

Do not automatically hire a cheap tow truck service. The lowest-priced service may not provide a quality service that will keep your vehicle safe.

What Is Their Service Area?

The tow truck service that you call needs to be willing to come get your vehicle and take it to where you want it. Some have a specific service area that is included in their service. If you need your vehicle towed beyond the service limit, it will cost you more.

Other companies simply will not tow your car beyond their service area. This could leave you in a bind and looking for another company to take your car the rest of the way.

Start by searching “tow truck service near me”. This will give you a list of towing companies that are in your immediate area.

Are They Licensed and Insured?

Only hire a towing company that is licensed and insured. This will protect your vehicle and you. Should anything happen, the towing company’s insurance will cover your vehicle.

Asking for a license ensures that the company you hire is reputable. You can also look up the company’s license number and determine their performance and safety history.

Hire Tow Truck Services

By following this guide you’ll be able to research tow truck services and choose a reputable company. The best time to look up towing companies is when you don’t need one. This will give you time to research your options without the stress of being in an emergency situation.

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