My Experience as Dissertation Writer in My Final Year

In the year 2017, with eighteen years of knowledge, high ambitions, a bit of naivety, and big starry-eyes; I entered the University door grinning like the Cheshire cat. Notwithstanding the fact that being a university student was pre-agreed and what new challenges it might bring were also under consideration, being apparently inside the premises made me skittery as a horse. Nonetheless, as a business student, I was aware of the importance of overcoming the edginess and it took almost a month to get adjusted to the new environment and concur with the feeling of nervousness. Finally, after a semester I was comfortable with the surroundings, the studies, and the assignments we were required to finish.

Although, when it comes to academics; it is ostensible to expect higher studies to involve challenging and thought-provoking projects, one of the major complexities of being a post-graduate or let alone an under-graduate student that I frequently heard from my seniors was to fill in the shoes of a professional dissertation writer. Often, I used to overhear my senior peers complaining about how writing a dissertation of thousands of words is far more challenging than any other assignments and projects in the former years and how many of them opt for Dissertation help Northern Ireland. However, I always thought it to be rather easier since all it requires is some expertise like command over the language together with grammar and right usage of punctuation, access to correct and authentic information, factful statistics, and credible citations. With all the aforementioned factors in line, putting down a research paper like an expert or qualified dissertation writer would be a piece of cake.

As they say; ‘It’s easier said than done so it was. During my preceding years of study, I came across numerous assignments requiring high-end research and details to be put in black and white but the final year thesis project was hands down the toughest yet the most interesting one. During that one year, I become acquainted with the feeling that how compelling and exciting it would be for dissertation writers working round the clock to conduct research and ultimately have the opportunity to publish it for the community. However, stating through my personal experience; being a full-time dissertation writer can be monotonous at times especially when the writer lacks the passion, the determination, and most importantly the skill of subliminal discernability. This is what I learnt during my tenure as a dissertation writer. Along with the composition tricks and tactics, I understood the nexus between the database and the outcome of research i.e., it’s not only the penning or authorship of the paper that requires proficiency but also the means and medium of data collection. Reading, understanding, and observing the audience, preparing interviews or questionnaires depending on the type of research, and evaluation and filtration of relevant data out of all the information collected comes a close second entailing same or even more preciseness and shrewdness to judge the alternatives and use the best among them for one’s advantage.

Subsequently, after three years of practice and writing trial reports and research papers for other courses, I knew inside out of writing a dissertation report. Moreover, another valuable factor that I learnt for scripting a commendable, reliable, and sound report was deciphering the data. Since data collection is the main step of writing a thesis report, for the start of my research paper, I wanted to form a questionnaire to obtain the qualitative data, later, after the acquisition of all the relevant and appropriate responses the qualitative data was transformed into quantitative data i.e., each response was assigned a digit to sieve the outcomes with no trouble through inserting the numbers in statistical analysis software like SPSS. Using such software makes life easier since the data can be represented graphically for better understanding and positioning of the results. Furthermore, once the data is filtered, the next step and the most crucial step under my impression is writing the abstract of the report. An abstract is that part of the thesis without which the report can never be measured as a completed report neither it can be submitted because the abstract is the contracted summary of the entire report. Everything the dissertation writer has explained in the succeeding pages is abridged in a paragraph or two with the words fluctuating between 150-300 in the count.

As simple as it may sound, briefing the content spreading over numerous pages in 300 words can be the most demanding area of report writing. For my paperwork, the approach I used and that proved out to be fruitful was to break down the paragraph requirements into four different categories and fill them each with words accordingly. The types were; aims i.e., what does the research paper intends to provide, methods i.e., how, when, and where the data was collected for the compilation of the report, results i.e., what did the research find out about the research topic or question in subject, and lastly conclusion i.e., what does the whole paper inculcates. Once a successful abstract is drafted having the three Cs clarity, conciseness, and comprehensibility in it, composing the rest of the thesis report gets easier since the writer also gets the clarification of what to and what not to include in the paper.

Succinctly, my year-long experience as a dissertation writer was a roller coaster ride having bittersweet moments. Running for surveys and interviews, acquiring the competency of statistical software, grasping and polishing the skills of writing, forming several drafts before I got a final one to submit including all the necessary factors for a coherent report all brought me to the conclusion that writing a thesis report is neither entirely sweetness and light nor all doom and gloom. To conduct research that can be relied upon and spread wide for the public, all it requires is dedication and persistence over the work. Walking on the aforementioned guidelines did not only make my submission go well but also listed my name under honorary mentions of the year with a contented feeling and perpetual understanding of writing a thesis report.

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