The Dreadful Story Of MBA Dissertation, but somehow I survived

A dissertation is a final year project which every student has to submit before their graduation. In this task, they have to write what they have learnt in a specific subject. It is not only the summation of your learning, but it is a task where you have to define your thoughts on the subject, hypothesis, the methods to resolve the hypothesis, and your findings during the research.

It sounds like an easy task, but it has been believed that dissertation is the most difficult task which students face and they cannot even take it lightly, because it can affect their degree. Therefore, students try to complete it no matter what type of source they have to use. This is the reason; most MBA students try to buy a MBA dissertation online because its complexity level is high. such was the case with me.

I am __ and I was once expected to write the dreadful dissertation to pass my final year courses and get my degree. I would be lying if I say I did not face any challenges and it was an easy ride. It was one of the hardest things I have ever encountered in my life.

The Dissertation Roller Coaster

Here are the challenges that I had to face when I was writing my dissertation

Topic selection

This is one of the most critical challenges which have been faced by almost every student. However, topic selection is one of the hardest things whether it has to choose for a dissertation or any other academic task. Therefore, students should spend more time choosing a relevant topic after all they have to write a huge content on that topic, and it can only be written once you have good knowledge of a topic. So, here are some tips, how you can choose a good topic.

Select a topic that you find interesting

  • It will keep you motivated and always enhance you to read more and more.
  • You will never be bored in collecting information

Do research

  • More research will give you more knowledge about topics
  • It will help you to choose a topic according to your requirements.

Look for help

  • Asking for help will not degrade you, even it will help you to gain something different
  • Ask from anyone you feel comfortable

Time management

Time management is another issue that is not only faced during writing a dissertation but this issue is faced during the entire academic life. Somehow, students manage time in other academic tasks, but it is very difficult to manage it in a dissertation because a dissertation is a much longer task that always requires a huge time. Therefore, students need to make some strategies in advance to get rid of a time management issue. Here the question arises, what are these strategies?

Create timeline

  • Divide your dissertation into several sections
  • Set a period to solve every section

Prioritize your tasks

  • Getting many tasks makes you worried? So, set days to solve specific tasks.
  • It will help you to complete all of your tasks on time and it might save you some time

Set yourself for writing and reading

  • Some students need to read more to memorize something while other needs to write more to memorize the information. So, set yourself according to your needs


This Research stage is the longest process, and it consumes huge time because a dissertation is a very long task, and it requires more and more information. Therefore, students need to do more and more research to collect more relevant information to write their dissertation clearly, but most of the students can’t find more information because they don’t have much knowledge. So, here you will get the information that will help you do the best research.

Understand the topic clearly

  • Once you get to know about your topic, you can easily research about it
  • It will also help you to compare with others, and you will be able to recognize the relevant information.

Choose distraction less area

  • Research needs a more peaceful environment. So, you can completely focus on it.

Consider yourself as the audience

  • Remember, you are writing to attract the audience. So, you must research such terms that will attract the audience
  • It will help you to think like an audience so you can research according to audience requirements


In student life, only completing a task is not important, but it should be completed according to the given format. Otherwise, it can get zero marks no matter how good you have written, and every task has its own rules, formatting, structure etc. therefore, students face huge difficulties while learning and implementing all rules, formatting and structure.

This was one of a problem that I could solve on my own. Therefore, I had to hire an academic writer to do my dissertation formatting. I am glad, I took such a decision because he did not only help me, but he taught me something about formatting a dissertation, and which was:

Write an introduction of your topic first

  • In the introduction part, you need to provide some background information
  • It should be straightforward to the meaning. So, the reader’s attention could be easily captured

Literature review

  • In this part, you need to reiterate your central problem
  • It gives a clear picture of the state of knowledge on the subject.


  • After the literature part, the methodology part should be implemented
  • This part is the description of your design


  • In this section, you need to describe the reason, what you have done, why it was important, etc.
  • It contains the main findings of your research


  • Clearly state the answer to the main question
  • It should be the reflection of your introduction part

Final words:

In this post, you will learn how difficult dissertation writing is and what challenges students experience when writing a dissertation. However, there was also a challenge that I experienced and how I dealt with it that was mentioned. Despite this, you will find the solutions to such issues below.

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