NFTs issued by Famous People

NFTs issued by famous people

The big Internet trend of 2021 is the popularity of NFT tokens among show business stars and world-famous people. Artists, musicians, athletes – everyone sells their unique, irreproducible work to those who have the opportunity and the desire to buy them. Here are some examples of NFTs from the most famous people.

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The Weeknd

Canadian singer The Weeknd presented 2 exclusive NFT collections at once together with Strangeloop Studios – Acephalous and Acephalous Open Editions. The NFTs depict the performer himself, some of the NFTs are accompanied by audio alongside an unreleased song by The Weeknd.

Lionel Messi

Legendary footballer Lionel Messi, who recently left his native Barcelona, also launched his own collection of non-fungible tokens (NFT) in August 2021. The collection is designed in collaboration with renowned digital artist BossLogic. The release took place on the Ethernity Chain platform.

Justin Blau

Celebrating the three-year anniversary of his album Ultraviolet, Blau, better known as the electronic dance music star 3LAU, sold 33 NFTs. The most expensive token that Blau sold included a song written specifically for a client, access to a closed music database on his website, a custom image based on his music, and new versions of 11 original Ultraviolet songs. Furthermore, the buyer of the token also received a physical object – a vinyl edition of the album.


American artist Jay-Z also sold a non-fungible token (NFT) based on the cover art of his debut album, Reasonable Doubt. The rapper donated a portion of the proceeds from the sale to the Shawn Carter Foundation, an organization named after the rapper that helps people in social and economic hardships continue their education.

Pussy Riot

Russian punk rock and art band Pussy Riot also have joined the NFT hype. The group sold the NFT version of their latest music video “PANIC ATTACK” for 100 ETH. The original trading price was only 2 ETH, but during the day it rose to 100 ETH, you can easily check ETH to BTC exchange. The buyer and current owner of NFT is @mondo.

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