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International Automobile Shipping

The transportation cost to ship a car varies depending on what you need to do with your vehicle and which shipping method you use. The time required to ship a car across the water does not include the time required to consolidate the vehicle, load it and prepare for transport through customs. If you want to spend a little less, you can opt for consolidated shipping, where your car shares a container with other vehicles heading to the same destination, but this extends your time as the shipping company has to wait until the container is full before sending it off.

The cheapest shipping method for shipping your car is RORO (Ground Transport of Ocean Freight). Shipping cars in groupage containers offers the highest value per vehicle. You can save even more money if you don’t need door-to-door service and choose to pick up your car at a nearby port instead of shipping it by sea since RORO shipments are roll-by-roll shipments.

As regards the transportation and delivery processes of vehicles, the main difference between overseas and continental car transport services is that car transporters are able to transport deliveries over longer distances than boats or air freight. Transport ships in roll-on / roll-off automobile shipping tend to visit multiple ports and dock in ports that are not necessarily your true final destination. International car shipping is essentially an airplane to take your vehicle to its destination at a steep rate.

Transporting a vehicle between countries is a different process from transporting a car. Overland shipping may seem simple, but borders can get in the way. With the help of companies like  international car shipping from Canada to the US is simple. Things to consider when shipping your vehicle include import laws, taxes and, in some cases, car quarantine.

Transport is considered an essential service in many countries with border closures, but it is an exception to the rule for lorries, transit and other essential services such as the collection of cars and other personal belongings.

One of the most important phases in international vehicle transport is secure transport – whether by car, truck, motorcycle, ATV or moped. Note that we will focus on shipping, as international air transport of cars is expensive and is not recommended as standard unless you ship cars that are rare or valuable.

Whether you are moving a car, vehicle, boat, household goods or general cargo, you will feel comfortable knowing that American Forwarding & Logistics will take care of all aspects of your relocation needs. We offer door-to-door international removal services to transport vehicles and personal belongings wherever they are needed. If your car requires to be included in our transport services, we have organized transport services for door-to-door car transport and delivery of your vehicle as well as for all legal and regulatory formalities associated with transporting your vehicle to a foreign shore.

If your international transport vehicle is worth $50,000 or more, you might consider using a closed car transport system to transport it to a shipping port. Transport of your vehicle by air comes at a price. If you are considering international car shipping, you should be aware that the port of destination may charge higher fees or appoint an agent to navigate through customs.

International Automobile Shipping


Auto Export Shipping Inc (AES) works with some of the best car transport companies to meet your international transportation needs and offers a cost-efficient shipping option. If your car is insured by a carrier’s cargo policy, Auto Export Shipping may purchase contingent insurance for transportation in the United States. In the case of international car shipping, international shipping companies inform you of their own cover before your vehicle leaves the United States, excluding all additional hidden fees.

If you need help with your vehicle, boat or heavy machinery, this U.S.-based global shipping company which provides import and export services to clients moving ships organizes transportation from the United States to over 400 destinations in Africa, Latin America, Europe and the Middle East.

Before you ship your car or any other vehicle, you will need a decent amount of documentation. Know the laws and regulations in the United States and in the destination country regarding the car import fees to be paid. Be sure that before settling on a place, you understand how to drive and ship your car at every step of the journey, have your car insured and read reviews of international car transport.

It is not a legal obligation to have car insurance when a car is sent, but it is a good idea to have a policy that covers the potential for damage during transport. The price of transporting a vehicle between countries may vary depending on the car loading company or removal company from which you receive an offer. The $1,000 — $2,000 is not the only cost of shipping your car; there are additional costs that are a basic amount which you will have to pay to cover the cost of the car, accommodation and travel.

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