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6 Important Things To Consider When You’re Buying Curtains

Dressing your home windows can set a specific tone in the living or bedroom. This extends up to any other room like a guest room and a study room. You need ample time, budget, knowledge, and some such factors helping you to determine the best curtains you want to install. 

So, consider the crisp curtain buying guide below and never fall short of meeting the purpose in a commercial setting or impressing guests at home. 

6 Important Things You Can Consider While Buying Curtains For Your Place:

Check the length of the window and curtains:

The curtain you choose should not hang in the middle of the window you want to cover or dress. It will make the entire interior pretty awkward for anyone who walks in. 

To avoid such blunder, note the window frame’s length. Then, match this height with the curtain you wish to purchase. 

For instance, designers recommend hanging curtains 6 inches above the window frame. It gives an appealing and eye-pleasing dramatic look to the window itself. 

Whereas, considering the curtain’s fall, let it puddle on the floor for traditional treatment. For a modern style, the curtain must fall flush with the adjoining floor at the seam. 

Similarly, measure the window’s width. Then, add 4-6 inches on both sides accordingly. Only then buy the curtain to give your windows a fuller appearance. Add more inches for curtains to shut the sun exclusively. 

Note the curtain care details before purchasing:

Some drapes available online are soundproof curtains with dust- and dirt-resistant. Therefore, you don’t clean them often. Other curtains need immediate attention after getting stained. 

So, you need to see what type of washing and caring needs and techniques you should follow for a certain curtain. This way, you will buy smart and not ruin the beauty within a single wash. 

For instance, some curtains are washing machine-friendly. Some are best when you put up for dry-cleaning service. Following such care measures don’t ruin the overall look and quality of the curtain you buy. 

Color that saves you from UV rays:

Choose curtain colors that protect you from UV rays if your windows are directly facing the sun. For instance, blue and green fade too soon. Interestingly grey and dull colors last long to stand tougher against the harmful UV rays. 

Many curtain fabrics have UV rays’ protection nowadays, irrespective of the color or pattern. To know about the same, contact the dealer or customer care. 

Know the ideal drapes/curtains/blinds you need:

Curtains are mostly lighter with fabric panels and used mostly for living rooms. Drapes are thicker, blocking sunlight, and best for bedrooms (private rooms). 

Whereas, blinds are best for official purposes like meeting rooms, conferences, and interview rooms. Similar is the concept of shades. 

Choose the right fabric:

The material choice holds quite the importance for dressing up a window and the room in hindsight. A wrong material or fabric can ruin the appearance and comfortability of guests and those living indoors. 

When you start to browse online, there are various options. They go from lace, cotton, velvet to polyester, medium-weight brocades, and alike. 

While choosing these fabrics, pay attention to:

  • Cost of each fabric curtain. 
  • Washing and maintenance care associated with each fabric.
  • The mood each fabric sets in the room. 
  • The degree of sunlight it lets in or blocks.

For example, choosing heavy fabrics with bold colors sets a rich and royal taste. These could be best for adults or couples in the autumn/fall seasons. 

But lighter fabrics in shades and patterns are best for youngsters, summers, and rooms where you have a minimalistic design. 

Take the expert’s advice:

If you have no idea, hire a home décor and curtain expert. They can give you both home and online consultations. Show them around. Let them know the height, width, and overall length of the chosen window frame in your room. 

Give them your ideas. Hear theirs in return. Check which fits the best under your budget and verify their references from online reviews. Such curtain experts will always know which color, texture, pattern, or fabric you can buy under the current theme, mood, and budget. 

Trust their advice more if a family or friend recommended them to you.

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