Noises in the Attic

Noises in the Attic: Which of these Animals are Living in there?

If you happen to come upon droppings while cleaning the attic, it would be safe to assume that something is indeed living in there. Even if you do not see them right away, it is possible that the animal(s) might be hiding or may have simply gone out to scavenge for food. Either way, if you hear scratching, walking or skittering noises up there in the attic, you have an animal living in there! Go through our list of the usual culprits to know what to expect from which animal.


The most common animal found living inside attics are rats. Since they multiply fast, leave incessant droppings, and bite into everything, removing them as soon as possible is advised due to potential health risks. Look for the following signs to be sure about your rat problem:

  • Gnawing, squeaking, and scratching noises up in the attic and the walls.
  • Gnaw marks and scratch marks on the attic walls, on the insulation, and on anything that is inside the attic.
  • The noise of tiny, skittering feet in the attic.
  • Dark brown/black rat droppings.

Contact the experts at to have all rats removed without harming them. They will also find and repair the damage to your insulation caused by the rats, in addition to sealing off the gaps they were using to get inside.


Squirrels are rodents as well, but they do not make as much noise as rats do. If you have squirrels, you should be able to see a nest made from leaves, twigs, and paper. Other than that, gnaw marks, acorns, scattered leaves, stored food, and feces that looks quite similar to rat droppings are common giveaways.


Snakes eat rodents and rodents love attics. Therefore, if you have a snake or two living in the attic, do not be too surprised! Better yet, do not look for one at all because you will never see the reptile properly without compromising your own safety. Signs of a slithering guest up there include:


If an animal is making a fuss up there, it is most likely a raccoon. They will be growling, snarling, mewling, running, thumping, and scratching all over the place! Call animal control and do not attempt to confront it, as raccoons are known to be quite aggressive at times.

Any noise in the attic can be quite scary, especially if you have seen your fair share of horror movies! Fortunately for us, the noise usually originates from an animal, and most of them can be removed by experts without harm. Just do not attempt to do so on your own.

Threatened and scared wild animals can cause a lot of mayhem, and some of them will attack you in self-defense. Depending on which animal is living inside your attic, the resulting bites and/or scratches could lead to scary outcomes.

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