Rarest Camos

Obtaining the Rarest Camos Three Games In a Row

Back in 2019, the CoD fans were doing their best to unlock Damascus camo. As the developers reintroduced the meaning of the soft remasters, which was the Modern Warfare at the time, they also made unlocking content more streamlined. This didn’t make the process any easier for the gamers, but at least the rules were clear. Modern Warfare became a base game, which later installments looked up to. It was later made that the players could level up in both games at the same time, which only goes to show how fundamental and robust the progression system of CoD really is. But let’s go back to the camos and the challenges. MW featured several categories of camos. Each of them had a theme, for instance, the forest camos, urban camos, and so on. All you had to do to unlock camos from the category was to keep completing the challenge related to the category. It could be anything from going for the headshot kill, mounted kills, or anything in between. The only thing that would change is the number of actions required to unlock the next camo in the same category. So, from twenty hip fire kills that would take you to unlock the first camo in the category, it would take you two hundred to unlock the last one. This applies to all of the categories. Now, here’s a trick – the developers knew how persistent some gamers are, so what did they do? They introduced the mastery camos that require you to have all of the camo categories unlocked completely if you want the mastery camo. Although the concept of mastery camo isn’t particularly new, the time it takes to get access to it hit an all-time peak. As if this wasn’t enough, each following mastery camo needed you to have the previous one unlocked.

Some gamers quickly labeled this a waste of time, but others kept pushing on until they would reach the ultimate reward – the Damascus camo. Now, let’s fast forward to today. The Vanguard master camo. The system in place is a hybrid between MW and Cold War, inheriting the elements of both games. The first thing that you will notice is the unlock quantity and challenges are very similar to what you could have seen in MW, but the unlock structure is similar to the BO. We have camos of different tiers unlocking every certain number of levels upwards until those max levels you end up seeing for primaries. Weapon levels go to the 70s for primaries, 60 for pistols. But the max level for melee and launchers is 1! That said, just like before, if you complete all those weapon camo challenges for a specific weapon, you’re then granted the first CoD Vanguard mastery camo – Golden. Completing the camo challenges for all of the weapons from the same weapon category and getting Gold for every weapon of that category, your reward will be the Diamond camo. If you’re the Vanguard camos grinder and you grind every single camo in the game for every weapon among every weapon class, you’re then rewarded with the new master camo – Atomic. It has this vibrant look to it, mixed with the animation color flowing. Zombies game mode also have their own system of camo unlocking, but unless you’re a hardcore fan of this particular game mode, you shouldn’t bother with them. The challenge sets are all the same in name but slightly altered in design and in challenge requirements. And very similar to what you may be familiar with zombies challenges from BO, but way more in terms of what is required. Mastery camos return from the BO. They retain the same look as the camos from the MP but upgrade their look to something more sinister. And, so this is what the camo unlocking system looks like. It will not be likely to change any time soon.

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