Online Retail Delivery System by Clickoot in Saudi Arabia

Clickoot is an online retail delivery system in Saudi Arabia that offers a wide range of products and services. Its categories range from fresh food to household supplies and beauty and health products. It also offers recurring deliveries. You can choose to order your groceries in advance or have them delivered on a regular basis. The service is available online, via mobile apps, and via websites.

Carrefour plans to launch an online grocery delivery system in Saudi Arabia

Carrefour is one of the largest supermarket and hypermarket chains in the world. It launched in the Middle East in 1995 and currently has franchises in over 30 countries. It is currently planning to launch an online grocery delivery service in Saudi Arabia in 2017. This is one of many digital initiatives by the French retail giant.

The online grocery delivery system is expected to provide customers with a fast and convenient shopping experience. The system will be automated, which will ensure that orders are fulfilled in less than five minutes. The company will also have several micro-fulfillment centers at select Carrefour stores by next year.

The company has partnered with Uber Delivery, a delivery service in France, to offer grocery delivery within 30 minutes. It has also partnered with the French supermarket chain Casino. And last month, it announced a partnership with US-based chemist chain Rite Aid.

In Saudi Arabia, the grocery market is undergoing a transformation. Until now, the market was unorganized, with many convenience stores and baqalas. This has now changed, and the organized sector has gained market share. The organized sector accounts for around 50 percent of the market, but this is expected to increase to 75 percent by 2021.

The company has also partnered with the AYM group to develop an e-commerce platform called Danube App. This new venture aims to improve the customer experience by offering fresh products and catering to all grocery needs. The company is hoping that its e-commerce initiative will boost traffic in its physical stores.

The company plans to expand its partnerships with third-party operators and suppliers to ensure a seamless delivery experience. It is banking on centralized route planning and delivery vans to make deliveries faster. It will also establish dark stores across the Kingdom to ensure more efficient logistics management.

The system is currently in beta. The customer will enter their address into the app and select a delivery type. They will then add items to their cart and pay for their order. The app will then notify the store to pick up the order and deliver it to their location.

Nana’s mission is to streamline the grocery delivery system process in Saudi Arabia

The Saudi startup Nana is making grocery shopping easier for customers with its user-friendly mobile app. Customers can browse aisles of their favorite stores without leaving their homes, and have their groceries delivered in under 15 minutes. The company claims to be the leading grocery marketplace in Saudi Arabia and has partnerships with Carrefour and Panda. It’s present in fourteen cities throughout Saudi Arabia and has raised over $26 million in funding, including a recent $6 million Series A round.

The startup says the sudden shift in behavior will help its growth in the long run, as more people will use its services. As more consumers become aware of its offerings, the company believes that consumer trust will thicken. This round  co-led by STV and MEVP.

The company’s team is made up of ambitious Saudi youth. They work as managers, developers, designers, and operations staff. They have the vision to revolutionize the grocery-delivery system in the Kingdom. Using the cloud, they plan to scale their business and provide more convenient services to consumers. Their apps allow users to order their groceries online and receive them within 15 minutes.

The company’s system requires employees to go through a rigorous training process to ensure product quality. Employees are split into two groups: order prepared and order deliverers. Each group receives a percentage of the product cost and a delivery charge. The order preparers receive hourly pay.

Nana Direct works with Google Cloud to optimize the delivery process and supply chain. The company expects to capture 40 percent of the KSA market by 2026. They have already expanded to Egypt and are exploring other regional markets. In the meantime, they also have a mobile payment option.

Royex is a household name in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The Royex system is also a new type of underwater blasting device that can use for a variety of purposes. The device breaks rocks with similar fragmentation to conventional explosives, and it produces very minimal damage to the marine environment. The technology has been proven to be a valuable asset for Saudi Arabian oil and gas exploration.


In Saudi Arabia, the popularity of the third-party retail delivery system is also surging. Even though they suppose to increase sales, they also hurt company profits. The reason behind this is simple: these apps charge restaurants between 10-20% of each sale. Moreover, the fees are rising every day. As a result, many restaurants are struggling to remain profitable. Some have even gone out of business. To counter these pressures, some companies have started offering quick Logistic solutions.

Clickoot is also the best in this race as it provides a multi-solution portal and several applications dedicated to each end user to help retail companies build their own delivery system to manage and automate their deliveries. With each integration, the Company will get a User Application, Rider Application, Application for the landing of orders, and multiple portals to manage the overall system!

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