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Does your stairway look bland? 7 ways you can light it up.

You have a beautiful stairway that sees a lot of traffic, but it’s not illuminated properly. Do you know what the problem here is? The problem is that you are missing out on beautifying the stairway without a proper light fixture. Without lighting, there is an increased chance of people getting injured as it’s a busy area connecting multiple floors and rooms. Therefore, never have a bland stairway. Of course, you can use art to decorate the space too. But the best way to make it look stunning is to pair it with an impeccable lighting fixture.

Let’s read below; what all options do you have to light up your stairway?

A beautiful chandelier to light up the stairway

A staircase chandelier is a perfect way to illuminate a grand hallway. Even a smaller staircase can be paired with a chandelier, but grand staircases pair well with chandeliers. If your staircases are long and big, there is no better way to illuminate the area. Ensure that the chandelier complements the area and theme. For instance, matching it with the color of the stairway or wall can make the area look even better. Another thing to remember is to put the switchboard near the doorway on every level. It will ensure you never have to come down or go up the stairs in the dark.

Tread lights

Want a subtle illuminating look for your stairway? Then go with the linear lights concealed within each tread. It does not just create a beautiful area but makes the stairway area quite functional. The only problem with this option is that you need to pay attention to minute details while installing it. Thus, hire an expert with great reviews, which is not cheap. In addition, using tread lights means concealing lights in the nose of the stairs. This makes it the focal point, providing light and an instant hit amongst visitors.

Hang a pendant light

You don’t always have to do grand things. Simple ways can also illuminate a place beautifully. Thus, think about hanging beautiful pendant lights in your hallway. It will illuminate the stairway without you worrying about installing tons of lights. The best thing about pendant lighting is that it works both for a contemporary home and a traditional one. Always remember that when you use massive pendant lights or chandeliers, ensure they don’t block any wall décor art. It should be visible properly. Otherwise, the whole idea will blow up.

Use LED to light the staircase from below.

You can create the illusion of an open-riser staircase that floats. How? by using LED lights hidden under each step. Using LED tape will ensure that it stays invisible when the switches are off. However, turning it on will give you a floating and soft effect. It makes the stairway look magnificent.

Mix and match lights

You do not have to settle for one lightning type for your stairway. Mixing and matching your stairway is always a fun and doable option. You can experiment with different options, like using scones on the walls adjacent to the stairs while using rope lights under each step. This allows for a unique look. A light designer can help you create more beautiful mix-and-match ideas for your staircase.

Layer up the lights

Layering up the lights is a wonderful option too. You can add extra lights to boost the lightning in a few key places. For instance, you can add wall lights. Or you can add a lamp near the foot of your stairway. It makes lighting up the area easier, especially if the hallway doesn’t have much light.

Fit-in lightning

Does your staircase have a low ceiling? Then it’s best to light up the stairs instead. Use a low-level LED light that fits in the stairway itself. This will light up the stairs for better visibility.

Decorating your stairway is so much fun. You can hang family pictures and illuminate the stairs using the above ideas according to your design to have a luxurious look. It will make it beautiful, and as it’s an integral part of the house, it should always look perfect and lit up.

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