Multifunctional Room

A Murphy Bed with Bookcase for a Multifunctional Room

Need to make better use of a guest or spare room? A Murphy bed with bookcase will transform your spare space into a smart space!

Smart is the operative word. To transform that underutilized room in your home into a space that truly meets your diverse demands, you will need pieces that offer intelligent design and function. Enter the Murphy bed with bookcase.

You want to provide guests with a comfortable stay if and when they visit your home. But, really, how often do you host guests in your guest room? For most of us, our spare or guest room gets used so little that it either sits empty and unused for most of the year or it ends up a drop zone for all the stuff that’s hard to find a place for otherwise.

In either case, it’s typically a wasted and overlooked space.

Reclaim that room – make it a smart space that more effectively and comfortably serves you, your guests, and even your work. To anchor the functionality and style of your new room, a quality Murphy Bed with bookcase should be your first purchase.

The Murphy Bed – Over a Century of Space-Saving Functionality

When Murphy bed inventor, William Lawrence Murphy, conceived of the design, he, like most of us, wanted to make the most of his small space.

In his need to make his tiny one room, San Francisco apartment appropriate for courting a young woman, he invented a bed that could be folded and stowed secretly away into his closet. From bedroom to the parlor in one motion!

Today, people look to Murphy beds beyond just maximizing tiny studio apartments. A great solution that helps provide for a genuinely multifunctional space, they are used in homes big and small.

A Murphy bed with bookcase can make any room a cozy and inviting guest room while allowing for ample room to use the space in any way your lifestyle requires, from kids room to family room to home office.

If you’re looking for the perfect way to save space and meet the many demands of your home life and work, here’s why you should consider a Murphy bed.

Beautiful, Comfortable, and Space Saving

Saving space doesn’t mean you have to feel cramped or compromise on comfort. A Murphy bed with bookcase can make such great use of the space you have that it feels as though you have more. It’s a remarkable piece of furniture that can accomplish that feat — particularly when you’re talking about a piece as big as a bed!

Also referred to as a wall bed or folding bed, the Murphy bed conveniently folds into a compact wall cabinet, freeing up valuable square footage when not in use.

That space-saving design is the primary reason to invest in a Murphy bed with bookcase. It’s a great solution to help you convert your home office, the kids’ playroom, or even your living room into a comfortable and stylish guest room.

When the bed folds down for guests, the complementary bookcase offers convenient space for your guest’s personal items and devices during their stay. When the bed folds into the cabinet, the surrounding bookcase provides beautifully designed storage to keep the room tidy and organized, using only minimally more floor and wall space than a standard shelf unit. Since the bed can be folded away, out of sight, you avoid wasting vital floor space when it’s not in use – work productively in your home office, exercise, or let the kids play.

Multipurpose, Multi-use, Multifunction

A Murphy bed with bookcase allows you to use one room for a multitude of purposes.

For example, when you include a Murphy bed with bookcase in your office, you can transform the room instantly into an inviting and comfortable guest room when you host guests.

Because the bed hides away effortlessly into the surrounding cabinet, it allows you to maximize the room’s potential every day while occasionally providing a comfortable sleeping experience when required.

You never have to compromise much-needed everyday living or workspace in favor of the occasional sleepover.

In the 100 years plus since the bed’s invention, the design has seen excellent improvements and innovations. With the bed’s popularity, the designs are better than ever – safe and very secure.

Sleep Easy – The Comfort of a Conventional Bed

When you purchase a quality Murphy bed with bookcase, you can be assured that, along with its exceptional space-saving design, you’re also providing your guests with a very comfortable sleep.

As comfy as a standard bed, your house guests will enjoy wonderful rest – far better than they would on a cot, air mattress, or lumpy sofa bed! Moreover, many models accommodate standard mattress sizes, allowing you to choose a mattress that suits your comfort level.

Storage and Organization

Modern Murphy beds offer so much more than just a hidden bed. A Murphy bed with bookcase helps manage clutter and keep the room tidy and organized.

Elegant and attractive, a Murphy bed with complementary shelving will only compliment your decor as it provides practical storage. Show off photographs and keepsakes and incorporate decorative bins and baskets to keep other items out of sight. For extra tidiness, choose a unit that includes handy accessories such as drawers or clothing rods.

Versatile and durable, your new Murphy bed with bookcase will transform your multipurpose space.

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