3 Types of Security Guards

Safe and Secure: What Are the 3 Types of Security Guards?

Have you ever thought about hiring a security guard? Maybe your business needs a little extra protection. Or maybe you’re throwing an event and are worried about things getting out of hand.

To fully assess your needs, it’s important to understand the different types of security guards that are available to you. You also need to think about what you’re trying to keep safe and what potential threats exist.

We want to help clear things up. Keep reading to learn about the three types of security guards that are available for hire.

Armed vs. Unarmed Security

Before we get into the three main types of security guards, we need to talk about one major distinction that affects each category. In each category, you’ll find that you have the option of hiring unarmed guards or armed guards.

When we say “armed,” we’re specifically referring to firearms. Non-lethal weapons, like pepper spray, while effective, don’t necessarily fall under the armed category.

Your security needs and potential threats should dictate whether or not you need an armed security guard.

  1. Event Security Guards

Now, let’s talk about one of the most common security guard types – event security. These types of security guards are used when hosting a large event in which many people will be in attendance. Essentially, they’re there for crowd control.

In large gatherings, it’s not uncommon for fights to break out, especially when alcohol is being served. However, event security can also include security specialists who are there to protect VIPs, such as musicians, politicians, guest speakers, etc. In this case, the security guards are there to make sure no members of the crowd cross the line, go up on stage, or harass the VIP.

  1. Property Security Guards

If you own a small business, you’re probably wondering about property security guards. These security experts can protect your property during your operating hours and after dark.

You can set up roving security guards, entry control security guards, and special response teams (if necessary). These types of security guards can be essential for deterring crimes, preventing workplace violence, and responding to issues.

Check out bluechip-pros.com to learn more about hiring security guards vs. employing security guards. It might seem like a good idea to employ a security guard rather than working with a separate company. This article looks at this issue in-depth.

  1. Personal Security Guards

Finally, of the three types of security guards, personal bodyguards are the least common. Bodyguards serve one purpose – to provide security for a single individual. You will commonly see personal security guards attached to celebrities and politicians.

However, some high-level executives and people of great wealth also have personal security guards. Sadly, wealth and power can attract extremely negative attention.

Looking Into Hiring Security Guards?

Now that you know more about the three types of security guards, do you know what you want to do to increase your level of security? We recommend talking to these security experts to determine whether or not you need their services. And remember, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

If you want more business guidance or security tips, you’re in the right place. Take a look at some of our other articles before you go to find more valuable information. Our blog retail security guard was created to help people like you make significant improvements to their lives.

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