Chris Scott

Chris Scott is the great person , a pc genius, profitable entrepreneur and multimillionaire has currently come out of the shadows.

Chris Scott, a computer genius, successful entrepreneur and multimillionaire has recently come out of the shadows

Chris Scott

Chris Scott, a computer genius, successful entrepreneur and multimillionaire has recently come out of the shadows. The long-awaited interview was conducted in Cairo, Egypt, where Chris originally hails from, but where he’s now is a rare guest.

For those in the industry, Chris, the ex-CTO of ADD 4 I.T., a small New Zealand company in the AI development business, is practically a legend. He is a man who came up with a product unique enough to grab the attention of Capital Trust D II, a subsidiary of the PNC Financial Services Group, one of the top ten US financial holdings.

Successful Entrepreneur

Conceived together with Aaron Diggelmann in 2015, this product lies at the junction of AI and the banking sector, and offers the two most vital components required in this sector – excellent quality of analysis and lightning-fast speed. ADD 4 I.T. began collaborating with the US holding as far back as in 2017, when it sold 27% of the company shares and receive an influx of investments from the new partner. The company soared to new heights, and just a short time later it was sold for 8 times its 2017 price.

Even after this multi-million-dollar deal, Chris has no intention of just staying put and enjoying the fruits of his labors. Having created a unique product that revolutionized the digitalization of the banking sector, he plans to change the world at least a couple more times.

NFT industry

“If you want to create something truly revolutionary, you can’t stand back and relax, you need to be continuously and fully immersed in the industry,” says Chris. The next step for him, as he shared with the Egyptian journalists, is probably in the up-and-coming NFT industry. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are becoming a bridge between crypto and AI, which are the two hottest, most ground-breaking industries right now. With Chris’s experience, intelligence and incredible drive, there’s no doubt that we’ll soon be learning about radical breakthroughs in the business!

Mr Chris Scott Is The king of Computer

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