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Make a Splash: How to Maintain a Swimming Pool

Do you have green monsters  lurking in your swimming pool scaring your children and keeping all residents in your home far away from it? A swimming pool without proper maintenance can be pretty much useless.

You don’t want to avoid cleaning a pool and cause your adventurous pool users to get sick. Let’s read on to see how a commercial pool monitoring system can help you even if you are short on time and motivation. 

Skim off Leaves and Debris Once a Day

Yes, you read that right. You have to spend time every single day to skim off and remove leaves and other debris that piles up on your pool’s surface, otherwise, it can clog up your pool’s filter and be expensive down the road.

What’s Your Pool’s Chemistry?

Just like you want to have good chemistry when dating someone, your pool is just as picky. If the pool chemicals you use don’t have the right chemistry together, it could result in damage to your pool. Be cognizant of this.

Do Not Allow That Algae To Build Up

Even though green might be in vogue when it comes to nature, leaves, and even fashion, it is not so when it comes to your pool. Regularly scrub the pool surface, maintain the right water balance, and use algaecide every week to ensure no green monsters lurk in your pool.

Clean the Filter, Pool Surface, Pool Liner, and Tiles Regularly

Vacuum all your pool surfaces to ensure you have a sparkling clean swimming pool that even the Queen of England would be happy to step into. Also, don’t forget to clean your pool filtration system. Do this weekly to extend the lifespan of your pool.

Get a Pool Maintenance Service

If reading all the above steps is making your eye tick and a migraine crop up, then you need to contact Silver State Pool Service to get their pool maintenance services. Let them take care of the little and big things when it comes to your swimming pool so you can just focus on enjoying your pristine pool.

Like you wouldn’t rely upon an amateur to dictate your heart health or your life insurance policy, you shouldn’t do that when it comes to the health and longevity of your expensive pool. Take care of your investment and it will pay back a hundred-fold in the future.

How To Maintain a Swimming Pool and Live in Style

Let’s face it – a dirty swimming pool that looks like the Lochness monster would be happy to reside in it, isn’t doing you or any of your family members any favors. Didn’t you get the swimming pool so you could enjoy your summer with your loved ones?

Then you need to learn how to maintain a swimming pool OR hire a pool cleaning service. There are no two ways about it.

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