Optimization as an effective way to promote a YouTube channel

YouTube is in great demand all over the world and people ask why, for some authors, their videos bring thousands of new views, while others are not watched. Some people buy YouTube subscribers, likes and stop at this step. In this article, I propose to go deeper into the promotion. We will analyze the practical steps of optimization to make your videos get to the top.

How to set up external optimization?

Firstly, this is the choice of topic as the success of your video will depend on it by 90%.  The topic must meet two criteria: it should be interesting to people and not have a lot of competition, especially if you have a young channel. You can use special services and see the volume of search traffic within YouTube and assess the competition on YouTube. The next step is forming the header and it should duplicate your key request completely. This is one of the important factors by which YouTube determines whether your video is shown or not. When people make decisions about the choice of a video, they pay attention to the title. There are headline amplifiers: when we indicate “Step by step” or some numbers, people react more.

Secondly, tags are our application for YouTube for which target query we want to promote. For the selection of tags, it is convenient to use the TubeBuddy or VidIQ services. The principle of selecting tags is simple, we use a key search query and look at its variations. Thirdly, we must mention the key search query 15-20 times in the description. The meaningful content goes into the background.

People need to show that our video is suitable for them. In addition to the title, this can be done with a video cover. The conversion of your cover influences  YouTube promotion. In order for the cover to be clickable, it must meet several criteria: a contrasting background, bright readable text, a person’s face.

Why is internal optimization in priority?

We discussed external optimization factors, but there are also internal.

Firstly, this is involvement, the number of reactions that the video collects: likes, comments,  subscribers. The easiest and most working way to do this is to come up with a call to action in the video script. When you reason a call to action, the likelihood that people will do it is higher. You can also buy real YouTube subscribers at the first stages to increase the level of trust in your channel.

Secondly, the duration of video viewing is important. YouTube makes money from advertising and is not interested in advertising short videos. The optimal video length is 10-20 minutes. During this time, the content does not have time to bore a person and YouTube can do several advertising inserts.

What is more important external or internal optimization?  The second option. When videos give an answer to a request from people, YouTube ranks them well. Your task is to come up with good scripts and involve people in watching your video so that they watch from beginning to end.

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