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OWASP Mobile Top 10 – A Very Comprehensive Way of Dealing with the Security of Mobile Applications

As the usage of mobile applications has increased across the globe the consumer convenience has also been significantly given a boost with the implementation of this concept. Hence, it is very much important for the organization’s to deal with the risks associated with the mobile applications which are the main reason the organizations must go with the option of OWASP Mobile top 10 so that flaws in the security of the mobile applications can be dealt and people, as well as applications, can be protected very easily. Many of the applications look very secure from the outside but actually, they are not secure and this thing has been proven and backed up with the help of proper surveys in studies. As per this particular survey, approximately more than 67% of the applications are involved in the leaking of consumer data in terms of sensitive information. Hence, it is very much important for all these kinds of companies to realize the importance of OWASP and make sure that the element covers all the methodologies very well so that successful implementation of the mobile application security can be done.

 This particular list has been explained as follows:

 -The first point M1 deals with the usage of improper platforms and the occurrence of this particular concept is very much common because it can lead to severe impacts on the applications in terms of affecting them. There are different types of risks which are associated with the whole concept and data leakage is the most common one. Some of the other risks include the touch ID desk, face ID desk, android sniffing and several other things associated with the whole device. Hence, it is very much important for the company to pay proper attention to mobile application security in terms of proper measures to be implemented to make sure that everything is safe and secure.

 -The second point M2 deals with the data in terms of insecure storage and these different types of risks are associated. Compromise of the personal information, as well as the absence of information, is also available to the hackers and the exploitation of this particular data can be because of the ignorance of the developers. Hence, the developers must always focus on implementing the development based frameworks along with application programming interface so that different information assets can be there and there is no exploitation throughout the process.

 -The third point M3 is directly linked with insecure communication and the data transmission is very important. Hence, some of the most common risks can be associated with stealing important information and attacking the applications. So, it is very much important for the companies to implement proper practices and make sure that application users are informed after regular intervals of time.

 – The fourth point M4 deals with authentication that is very much insecure and all these kinds of risks range from the factors associated with the inputs and the insecure credentials of the users. The best practices to deal with all these kinds of things include online authentication methods so that application security is very well present.

 -The fifth point M5 deals with cryptography that is very much insufficient and the risk associated can be with the stealing of the application and user data so that access can be given to the encrypted files. There are different practices to avoid all these kinds of issues and going with the option of choosing the modem encryption algorithms is the best one because they are always based upon cryptographic standards and workers must pay proper attention to this particular concept.

 -The point M6 deals with an insecure organization and the risk associated with the whole concept includes the unregulated access to the end points. To overcome this kind of issues some of the best practices including the privilege testing of the users and the authorization schemes must be kept in mind by the developers so that best quality applications are developed and all the rules are easily performed.

 -The M7 is directly linked with the quality of the codes which is very much poor and the list includes the compromise with the mobile applications because of the safe web codes and interferences. Client and app security is very important to be undertaken here and the developers must go with the option of implementing various kinds of practices so that the quality of code can be improved. Static analysis is one of the best practices which can be followed by the developers.

 -The point M8 is associated with the tempering of the code and in all these kinds of cases, the infusion of malware as well as theft of data are very much prevalent and can lead to various kinds of issues associated with the mobile devices. Hence, to avoid all these kinds of issues runtime detection is important and companies must go with the option of implementing the data erasure to get rid of all these kinds of issues and enhance the security.

 -The point M9 is associated with reverse engineering and everything is based upon the dynamic type of inspection so that there is no access to the premium features. Avoiding these kinds of concepts link and include the following of practices for example utilizing similar tools, obfuscation of the codes and utilizing the sea language.

 -The point M10 is associated with the extraneous functionality and before the implementation of this particular concept the testing details must be confirmed by the companies. Overcoming these kinds of practices include No proper testing of the codes and the developer should also undertake several kinds of system logs to make sure that there is no disruption of the server processors.

 Hence, implementing these kinds of concepts provided by the community of OWASP is one of the wisest decisions which the application developers can make because it will allow them to enhance the overall user experience associated with the mobile applications and make sure that applications are securely developed in the real-time.

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