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How Does Flosum Integrate With The Salesforce DX?

When it comes to understanding the Salesforce DX, you must realize that it is a program with several initiatives over a product. It covers but is not restricted to continuous integration, release management, and applications’ unique packaging under the Salesforce platform.

However, Salesforce DX does not mean that it is a solution with nothing or everything approach. Customers have the liberty to align specific parts of this solution while leaving out some components that have no application. It can easily be deployed with other tools and solutions that are currently in the market today.

What is the Salesforce DX, and how can it benefit a software application developer?

The Salesforce DX is an approach to boost the developer’s productivity and offers similar tools that its peers also supply to developers. For instance, Visual Studio under Microsoft or the Team Foundation Server provides developers total and complete business solutions.

This platform can increase and monetize Salesforce. The platform must offer solutions to conventional developers to create applications that are built on codes. Salesforce DX deploys a technology that is open source in nature to aid them in transit from other tech platforms. It revolves around a potent CLI and has open APIs that give developers integration with other tools and the flexibility they seek.

Salesforce is a vital element that anyone can integrate to their business. The popularity is evident from the many happy consumers who attest how their handling their business has become easier. An insight into the integration between Salesforce DX and Flosumnative app for Salesforce

Flosum is an app that has been built on Salesforce, and it offers the best practices for the development of software applications. It has specific principles that have been listed below-

  1. Development that is source driven – Flosum is an app that has always believed in the principle of source driven software development. This is an integral part of its solution. As the team’s size increases along with software application development, its velocity increases, and it is here that version control is required to ensure the developers do not over write the code of other developers.

If version control is common across the whole team, it triggers collaboration, boosts visibility between all the team members, and helps keep all of the sandboxes in sync with one another. This, in turn, helps to increase the productivity of the developer. It is here that the version control feature of Flosum and the Git extension can be aligned to suit the needs of the developer.

  1. Testing & Development – Salesforce ensures that all admins and developers can easily create and release software development applications. Flosum offers full support for the waterfall and agile methodology; however, customers these days like to embrace agile technologies to decrease testing and application development time. It provides out-of-the-box testing features hat helps to test the application code. It provides the benefits of Selenium tests that enable developers to carry out tests associated with smoke and regression.
  2. Standard and Open Experience for the Developer – Flosum offers total support for integration with multiple open source solutions like Git open distributed system for version control and the Jenkins for the dual benefits of continuous integration and continuous deployment. There are different solutions for the support that cover developer tools like Atom, Eclipse, and Mavens Mate and several others.

An Insight into the Current Alterations to Salesforce

When it comes to Salesforce, it uses a unique technology that delivers solutions for its customer base. For instance, as an essential component of the Salesforce DX platform, it leverages a unique API that is presently in use by Flosum and its partners in the ecosystem. Do not hesitate to implement it in your operations and see positive results.

With this platform, Salesforce effectively can develop and boost technology. For instance, it has promised to boost the work of metadata and API tools. This helps to automatically help partners with the inclusion of Flosum and have established their unique solutions on the APIs. With this foundation’s improvement, the whole solution automatically offers the end-user a better experience and functionality.

An insight into the new tools under Salesforce DX for developers to deploy

Given below are insights into the new tools that are currently available under the Salesforce DX for software application developers-

  • Git Version Control-Flosum integrates completely with Git.
  • Scratch Orgs- Customers can deploy Salesforce to syn with the API for creating scratch orgs from Flosum and Git
  • CLI-The CLI can be deployed by customers for committing and retrieving changes along with the Git repository as well as Flosum
  • Heroku Pipeline- Flosum deploys a wholly integrated pipeline internally along with the option for customers to integrate Heroku pipelines.

If you examine these integrations of Flosum with the Salesforce DX  above, you will find they are currently available; however, their maturity depends on the Salesforce DX’s nature. In the present times, Salesforce DX does not offer support to all the components; several of them cannot be packaged.

How does Flosum add value to software development projects under Salesforce?

Flosum has been aligned correctly with all the Salesforce DX platform paradigms, and it can be tightly integrated with all the new features and tools it has. It is completely integrated with GIT and manages the merging of complex, programmatic, and declarative parts seamlessly. It offers the developer added security, too, for all software development projects.

The Salesforce DX also offers modern practices for software development. They are targeted for developers to make innovations faster. Moreover, developers on the Salesforce platform can get several new tools and features. The integrated and open platform allows developers to build software applications collaboratively and ensure they are delivered continuously to the end-user.

The Salesforce DX platform’s key targeted audience is the software development vendor that builds custom applications for business. When the platform empowers developers, they can create custom software applications faster for the end-user, therefore, optimizing the Salesforce platform to a great extent.

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