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Pay by Mobile Slots: What are they?

Nowadays players not only choose online slots  more often than land-based ones, but many of them play them mainly using their mobile devices. That’s why, in order to meet their needs, gambling sites have introduced a new payment method. Now players have the option to pay for slots using their mobile bill.

What are pay by mobile slots?

Pay by mobile slots are a great option for young, modern players who are always busy. They offer a quick and easy method of payment. All the bets and deposits that you make using your casino account will be added to your monthly phone bill. There are two ways to use pay by mobile slots:

  • You can use the credit you have on your phone, which you normally spend on phone calls or mobile data, to play slots.
  • You can also add the deposit amount to your mobile bill and pay for it later when you normally pay your bill for text messages and calls.

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Reasons to try pay by mobile slots

Pay by mobile slots are a recent phenomenon but they are becoming increasingly popular. There are several reasons for it.

  1. Safety – as you do not need to disclose your credit card details or any personal information, pay by mobile slots offer a very secure payment method. You can play them without being worried about your data and funds getting stolen by online hackers.
  2. Speed – making a deposit using pay by phone method takes only a few seconds. All you need to do is enter your phone number and decide how much money you want to deposit. After that, the money becomes immediately available for you to spend on slot games.
  3. Convenience – all you need to make a deposit is your phone. Pay by mobile slots save you the hassle of looking for your wallet and entering long credit card numbers. You can easily make a deposit wherever you are.
  4. Big selection of games – game developers are constantly releasing new Pay by Mobile slots. All of them offer fun themes and thrilling features so all players can find something they like.

Is it worth playing pay by mobile slots?

An interesting feature that pay by phone slots offer is deposit limit. Most of pay by mobile slots place limits on how much a player can deposit each day. The limit can be different for each casino website but a popular amount is £10 a day. This solution was introduced to help players control their spendings. Pay by mobile slots are, therefore, a perfect choice for those who like to keep track of how much they spend on slots.

Moreover, pay by mobile slots can be recommended to anyone who uses their phone a lot. They are fun and easy to use. If you realise that you don’t enjoy this payment method you can always switch back to more traditional ones.

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