PC Builder.Net: A Site for PC Parts for Gaming System

PC Builder : A Site for PC Parts for Gaming System

Games have become more pragmatic, heroic, and amusing. However, to get the best experience with today’s PC titles, you need a really powerful computer. In this guide, PC Builder site tells you how to build the perfect gaming PC. You’ll save money if you don’t buy a pre-made kit, and to top it all off, you’ll have fun.


The processor (or CPU, central processing unit) is the heart of a computer. He is responsible for most of the operations he performs. For gaming, we recommend choosing a next-gen AMD or Intel CPU with at least six cores.

Although AMDs are very competitive in today’s processor market thanks to their prices, Intel is still the benchmark when it comes to games. Its high-end CPUs are capable of reaching higher clock speeds, which is what today’s games require. And since you are building your own PC, you might be interested in speeding up the CPU as well.


Here we explain what RAM is, but how much do you need to play games? The standard amount is 16GB of RAM. It’s more than enough to run all modern games smoothly. In our tests, the jump to 32GB of RAM has little to no effect on performance. So I stuck to 16GB, but invested in higher quality memory, with high clock rates and low latency (click on the RAM link above to find out what this all means).

Graphic Card:-

The GPU (graphics processing unit) is a key for gaming. The GPU is probably the most expensive piece of any gaming PC. Graphics cards range from $ 200 for a cheap gaming model, with Full HD resolution, to $ 1500 for a true high-end monster, capable of running smoothly at 4K resolution. Enjoy optimal graphics performance by over-clocking the GPU and updating graphics drivers.

Hard Drives:-

Get yourself an SSD, period. (If you’re not sure why, checking out our guide on the difference between SSD and HDD.) The days of old mechanical records are long gone. Although these older discs are still cheaper and sometimes larger, no player should take on the fun of loading screens (sorry for the joke). With an SSD, especially the newer NVMe type, you get speeds of up to 5GB per second. Also, get yourself at least 1TB of storage, as these days games tend to be quite large. Some even exceed 100 GB. In any case, it is important to save enough space for the games you want to play.


Here you can get creative. You can opt for a sleek case, like the Fractal Design R7, or something more exclusive, like the Thermaltake View 71 or the Snow Helicopter. Whatever you choose, make sure it’s an E-ATX case. It is the standard used in full-size PCs and it is important to choose the appropriate motherboard. There are smaller cases for tiny PCs, but in this article we will focus on medium or large towers, as they allow better airflow and use larger components.

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