Which Desert Safari in Dubai Is Best? Morning or Evening?

There are two times at the Dubai desert safari to enjoy the desert safari. The first is the morning desert safari, and the second is the evening desert safari. But it is tough to select the one to visit because of the shortage of time. However, if you are excited to see the desert safari and don’t have enough time to spend the whole day, then what will you do?

Desert Safari

If we recommend, then the best time to visit is the morning Desert Safari Dubai. If you don’t have enough time, always select the morning desert safari because the morning time will provide you with a fantastic and better experience of desert safari. So, in this article, we will tell you everything about the morning and evening desert safari that you can easily select.

What Things Should You Expect From The Morning Desert Safari Tour?

We all know that the morning desert safari tour is short, but it provides the complete experience of the tour. However, first, you have to reach the pickup point, and the tour will start at 9 AM when you leave your pickup point and sit on the luxurious hummer. These cars will move on very smooth roads. But when you enter the desert area, you will feel the big difference between ordinary and desert driving.

However, remember that there is no fixed way to go in the sand. The best thing is that drivers contain complete knowledge of sand. Also, sometimes it is complicated to move the big vehicle because the resistance of sand is high. But you don’t have to worry because these drivers know very well how to drive in the sand.

Attractiveness Of The Morning Desert Safari:

After reaching the dunes, your tour operators will organize the session of dune bashing. This session is for 20 to 30 minutes. It is a morning safari ride with the help of a 4×4 SUV jeep. Generally, the jeep picks you from the camps and takes you on a fantastic ride.

After performing the dune bashing activity, you will move to the Bedouin camping site. The next thing you have to do is a camel ride at this site. After the camel ride, you will get fresh water and cold drinks. Now you have to get ready for the next activity, sand skiing. Trust us that sand skiing is way better than ice skiing.

In the morning desert safari Dubai you will experience all these activities. After performing all these activities, get ready to return to your place. However, some tour packages include the lunch but some extra bucks. Some packages include unlimited soft drinks; some include biscuits and snacks. So, it this your duty to confirm all the details of the package.

Essential Features Of The Evening Desert Safari Dubai:

If you are a person who wants to enjoy the vast Arabian desert, then the evening desert safari is best. But at the time of evening desert safari, you will not experience luxury cars. It is closest to the overnight safari and provides the experience of many other amazing things.

Too many tour operators arrange the evening desert tour. So, to book the evening desert safari you should visit their office. Or you can also book the evening desert safari online. But before going for the booking of evening desert safari, checkout the activities.

Attractiveness Of The Evening Desert Safari:

The first thing you have to do is check the details of the pickup vehicles. They include the Land Rover or Hummer. What is the exact time when you travel through the dunes? However, the first activity is they take you to the highest dunes through the golden dunes. After staying at the highest dune, you will have the chance to see the view of the sunset.

The sunset is the most exciting thing you must see. You can explore the beauty and also take some pictures. So, it would help if you asked this to tour operators. The next thing you should confirm is whether the camel ride is included or not. Because sometimes, the tour arranges the camel ride at the time of evening.

After this, they take you to the Bedouin campsite. Here you will get too much time to perform different activities. In these activities, the henna painting is included. It is the best activity, especially for female tourists. Along with that, they provide you the dates with coffee, shisha, and appetizers with Arabian music. However, this place is full of activities and enjoyment.

The next activity is BBQ dinner. It might be possible that this dinner is not included in the package. You have to pay some extra bucks for this dinner. We recommend you confirm this with your tour operators. The next thing you should ask is the timing of the evening desert safari Dubai tour and the winding up. Most of the time, this tour is about six hours long.


After reading the full detail, I hope you know which Dubai Desert Safari tour is best. You can select the tour time according to your wish and requirements. If you don’t have too much time, you can choose Dubai’s morning desert safari.

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